Will Google give a higher rank to a website which runs AdSense?


“Will Google give a higher rank to a website which runs AdSense? I’ve seen some SEO Experts” claim this. It makes sense to me as Google is a corporation …


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  1. Hawaii Slip Tech Floor Solutions, LLC
    Hawaii Slip Tech Floor Solutions, LLC says:

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  2. Tony Varson
    Tony Varson says:

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    antoniette136 says:

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  5. LiquidZ2k
    LiquidZ2k says:

    But what about the reverse, where someone has been banned from adsense through no fault of their own? Do disabled adsense owners face a lower ranking?

  6. CasinoPlanet
    CasinoPlanet says:

    @bigal21110 @christinio @DerAutoschieber there are no dumb questions, only dumb anwers….no offence, but not all webmasters are seo experts and there are many "experts" telling fairytales . So I think it's good Matt choose this item, although I'm afraid DerAutoschieber also has a point here

  7. andy
    andy says:

    But it is easier to get into google news. I tried this with several websites with same technical setup but only could apply to google news with adsens on the page. Maybe it is a luky punch but it is a bit fishy anyway 😉

  8. RemixPicture
    RemixPicture says:

    I have seen a lot of guys debating this questions and it's good that these questions gets an answer. It's so easy just to link here everytime someone brings it up again. Keep on rockin' Matt!


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