How I Ranked My Website #1 In Every City For Location + Keyword


In this video, I cover how I ranked our agency website for every city that we wanted in the US for keywords such as “keyword + SEO” …


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  1. lance
    lance says:

    Hey, how do taxes work for Facebook ads, do I pay taxes on the sales I made through Facebook ads or the money I spent, also when will facebook ads send me a 1099 or any type of tax for to file taxes? How do you go about file taxes exactly?

  2. diegocaracasfc
    diegocaracasfc says:

    I have a question about SEO: when you make a brand new website for a client, do you include certain key phrases or bakclinks for SEO? Or any type of SEO is an extra feature that if you include it, it will cost more?

  3. Bob B
    Bob B says:

    Hi Ruan, I have setup A good page for local places to rank with. If I want to target A new city I simply take that page, change the City name on page and at my keyword. Is this to minimal or should I use whole other text? I also put in A image thats local for all pages. Also, my keyword is like Plumber New York, Plumber New Jersy, is it wrong to re use some of the keywords in this way? Because I need the Plumber in the keyword in order to rank it with the City. Maby my text is to simillar. Saw some rank 14 and rank 35 pages after 1,5 month. But on some days the ranking is just comoletly gone, and then few days later its back on there… Thanks for the vid btw!

  4. John Sandoval
    John Sandoval says:

    This may sound like a stupid question, but where do you accept payment from clients?? Do they pay you first and use that money for ads? Or do you tell them how much it's gonna be for ads; and what you charge for doing the work?? How!!

  5. Avery Young
    Avery Young says:

    Hey Ruan I’ve been struggling a bit with the new Google Search Console and removing old dead links, I’m not finding many helpful videos out there.
    Do you have any videos I’m missing out on?
    or have I watched a video from you that covered this that I somehow forgot about?
    Also, I just tried to get the course and it’s unavailable, any idea when it’ll be live again?

  6. Brodey Sheppard
    Brodey Sheppard says:

    You had a slip up @6:32 Google can actually see your image. It's been verified Google have item recognition and can in fact recognise items within an image. I've tested this myself with a picture of a bus vs a car. I gave the picture of a bus the alt tags all car related as well as the car nothing on the bus was saying bus. However, if i searcheed site:….. + bus it came up but the car didnt.

    Keep in mind.

  7. Jan Buckard
    Jan Buckard says:

    great video! u r the man! i have question:) do you link the location pages somewhere in the menu? (header, footer or in the text?) if i visite your site for example i dont see a link to the location pages. is there no need to do so? greetings

  8. Avery Young
    Avery Young says:

    I’m so glad you shared this video! Just saw you targeting my city the other day while I was searching, and I felt somewhat honored in a way? Lol. You’re the man that none of us deserve! Thanks Ruan

  9. PC Week
    PC Week says:

    I saw many people talking about do follow backlinks and it's power to rank our article's, but I have a doubt that do no follow backlinks play any importance in improving DA / ranking or its just to balance the do follow links??

  10. Adam Jamaludin
    Adam Jamaludin says:

    I REALLY APPREACITE YOUR VIDEO! Im from Malaysia hence u already thought me so much over a year! And my business grow up really rapidly and my client really happy bout it!

  11. Justian Rumle
    Justian Rumle says:

    Dude, density isnt a thing anymore.. your approach seems to be a bit outdated.

    Ctr is important but if the rest of the ux stats are bad, it wont help you. So bounce rate, conversion, time on site etc needs to get attention as well.

  12. Ethan Aman
    Ethan Aman says:

    Great video Ruan! I want to start running SEO to my Agency website, but I wanted to use (Underground Secrets) to help guide me & give me a better understanding of a step by step method that I could actually implement while doing it correctly. I have watched all of the Free SEO guide trainings you have and applied them. I just need some more guidance on a step by step method that I can be implementing day in & day out for my Agency Website. Thanks for your response!


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