7 SEO Tips For Websites 2019 - Improve Your Google Search Engine Rankings


Check out 7 SEO tips for your business in 2019. Our 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips and Strategies will help you drive more organic search engine traffic for …


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  1. joefer
    joefer says:

    Thanks for the video. It was very helpful again. I had a question about the keyword search and would appreciate your thoughts on it. I have run my own search on my product and noticed that some brand names (ie. competitor names) have come up near the top of the list. My question is… would you suggest that I include these brand names in my content that I develop on my site or exclude them entirely and just go for other non-branded keywords? I foresee two potential issues with using branded/competitor names… 1) potential trademark infringement for mentioning them on my site and 2) customers won't actually find their product on my site so it may lead to their frustration. Thanks in advance!


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