5 Beginner SEO Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Website Traffic And What You Should Do Instead


Today I’m going to share five SEO mistakes that are going to kill your traffic if you keep doing them. There are lots of SEO tips that used to work in the past but …


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  1. Mounir Luqman
    Mounir Luqman says:

    Hello Neil! happy to watch your videos. please i wish to know to increase mobile search traffic on my website. it is still a new website.
    thanks,looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    Hey Neil, quick question. Long articles and top x lists. Would you recommend splitting them to reduce the bounce rates and increase the overall page views or would you keep it on 1 page? I noticed you don't split articles in to multiple pages but on one of my previous projects a few years back this helped tremendously so I'm just curious if that is still relevant or not. Thanks!

  3. Omar Masari
    Omar Masari says:

    Hi @neil , I have this question that I found many people debating it.
    Is it good for SEO to republish the exact blog posts on Medium?

    Thanks for your great insights much appreciated.

  4. soum
    soum says:

    When linking to other blogs of my website should I only link to one or two blogs for corner stone content? It's told in yoast SEO

  5. insane79
    insane79 says:

    How to remove the date from blogger and still have the title of the post when you share link on socials? I removed the date, but then when I share the link only displays the name of the blog, not the title of the post? Anyone can help with this?

  6. Negoita Ionut
    Negoita Ionut says:

    Hey Neil, awesome info as always. Listen, have you any insights on the new March/April Google search algorithm update? I believe it's called Florida 2. I'm seeing quite a few drops in search traffic but only for certain pages on my blog. Do you or anybody else see any movements in search traffic?


  7. Karuna Sud
    Karuna Sud says:

    I am using the sate structure and now wondering if its a good idea to change it after 2 year.s i see a warning that "Changing your permalinks settings can seriously impact your search engine visibility. It should almost never be done on a live website." and also "Updating your URL or permalink structure will reset the social share counts for your pages. Upgrade Shareaholic to enable Share Count Recovery." what do you suggest?


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