Googlebot: SEO Mythbusting


In the second episode of SEO Mythbusting, Martin Splitt (WebMaster Trends Analyst, Google) and his guest Suz Hinton (Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft) …


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  1. zac Samu
    zac Samu says:

    When i first started with Google Console , I didn't really know what everything did well I still don't but for some crazy reason I requested a indexing of my sitemap, ever since then it's shows that page (link ) has an error? Any ideas what I can do to solve this also I noticed some of the excluded pages are /feed can someone shed some light on this. thank you , we need more videos like these 😁😁😁

  2. Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez says:

    Hey! Let's talk about the myths that have been created because we don't really tell anybody how anything works. Let's do it with a girl that doesn't really do SEO or has done SEO before. Yeay!

  3. Roberto Renteria
    Roberto Renteria says:

    Great Video, I still feel this is a smoke cover for end users and not SEO Pros, I am actually sending it to clients as part of educational and presales pieces. The one thing I have noticed is that they come out even more confused than when I first spoke to them. So that only means "UPSELL" Thanks Google.

  4. Mark Seah
    Mark Seah says:

    if links are not the most important signal, why does Google allow pages to rank high on page 1 over time, as people engage vendors n agencies to do link building / buying for a fee etc? Google doesnt seem to bother whether those links are legitimate?

  5. Marek P
    Marek P says:

    After two episodes I haven't seen any SEO mythbusting. They just explain how Google bots work which is obvious to anyone involved in SEO. Nothing new, NO mythbusting. Since the title is so misleading YouTube should penalize them for spreading FAKE news about SEO mythbusting. And I'm sick and tired of watching fat guy pouring whiskey into his glass, what's that has to do with mythbusting? Don't waste my time on the theatrical effects and get to the point, will you…

  6. Search Officials
    Search Officials says:

    Love this video series! It'll make it easier for me to get internal teams and clients to buy into the best practices Google preaches and I evangelize. To be short, the conversation typically goes something this: Empathy is the ultimate strategy! Google's customer is the searcher. Their mission is to direct that searcher to the content that will best answer their query and ideally engages/educates them beyond the initial query. Quality isn't 10,000 links. A few solid, relevant, contextual links and a well built brand that earns trust from their audience is the key to longevity! — Chris

  7. Justinas Kundrotas
    Justinas Kundrotas says:

    Martin, here's a question about Googlebot – does it get document HTTP Headers when that document is blocked via robots.txt disallow directive? I wonder if Googlebot may see and respect "noindex" HTTP header in that case? Thanks!

  8. Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz says:

    I found this episode MUCH better than the first one. The first one was SOOO BAD … you could see it from miles away how false and forced it was.

    Come on. You're Google ffs … you should KNOW what GOOD CONTENT is!

    And for God's sake … change the name of the show into maybe:

    "The mysteries of Google" or something like that.

    Naming this show "SEO mythbusting" is like calling a movie "The beauty and the beast" and when you click to watch it … it's acutally an XXX movie instead of Disney movie.😃

    The title and the content … simply dont match.

    This is like that "bait and switch" myth if you know what I mean 😋

  9. James Scott
    James Scott says:

    This was amazing, thanks! 🙏🏻 The library analogy is perfect. Most people just take for granted when they type something into Google and get the results. But behind the scenes they have no idea of the complexity that has gone into serving them with the right content. All the SEO gurus keep telling us to build links to rank, but the guy in the video says it all… “Just build good content for your users and you’ll be fine!”

    So basically instead of spending endless hours trying to build links, use that time into making the content more better and we be ok??

    But when I search for stuff I still see that’s it’s always the sites who have built thousands of links who rank top, even if their content is mediocre. And the best content with no links sometimes sits on page 2 lol. Unfair.

  10. josh bachynski
    josh bachynski says:

    It is more than a little disingenuous, for Google to blame us for having SEO myths, when their PR team has been purposefully hiding and obfuscating the ranking factors for years


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