How To Rank Fresh Website in Google with Live Demo Part 2 [ in Hindi ]


howtorankhighingoogle #howtorankongooglefirstpage # In this video, I have covered 3 major parts which will help you to rank high in google. first is keyword …


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  1. Sambitation Rules
    Sambitation Rules says:

    Hi sir
    How are you?🙂

    I just watched your videos 5 days ago and till now I have almost seen all. All are really very good. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experinece.

    In this video, you told that "if i have more backlinks than one of my competitors(whom i chased/targeted), then i have high chance of replacing my post in the place of his post. Isn't it??
    So, my question is-
    Which backlinks i should have more?
    1. Total backlinks of a website
    2. Backlinks of a particular posts

    Waiting for your reply.

    Thanking you.

  2. Iam 3.14
    Iam 3.14 says:

    Actually in Google adwords competition means, they are meant for advertising competition not for bloggers ,comp metrics is only for advertisers so donot confuse

  3. Pandit bhandarkar
    Pandit bhandarkar says:

    First we need understand what is competition? Keywords planner give you yearly paid competition data not a seo competition. Only pa and da is not important for rank. Because many time we find high da site below and low da site upper . backing is very small part of ranking not major gear . ubarsugest is best tool as per my opinions.

  4. Soumitra Chatterjee
    Soumitra Chatterjee says:

    bohot baria hay up ka video….up ka depth hay seo main pata chal raha hay…sayad up teacher ho….main net se bohot kuch sikha …lekin 1 chiz nehi sikh paya kayese dofollow backlink banate hay hands-on practical.agar up de do to bohot maherbani hogi…thank's


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