How To Rank Your Pay-Per-Call Affiliate/Local Lead Gen. Website on Page 1 of Google for FREE


Matt Wacek describes what these foundational backlinks are and the process of obtaining the backlink citations for your SEO campaign to rank your WordPress …


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  1. Sabrina B.
    Sabrina B. says:

    Hi Matt,

    I am so happy that I found your channel, you have no idea. Others would charge a lot for the free content you give us here. But I still have one question: How can we do citations for a lead gen business? I mean, we hide our address on Google because we are not a real company. How can we do citations then on yellow pages etc.?

    Regards, Sabrina

  2. Marko Ramovic
    Marko Ramovic says:

    Hi Matt, great content, as always. Thank you.

    I am thinking about switching from Call Rail (client) to some affiliate networks now. I would like to ask you, if I go that direction, then those networks will provide me with their phone number right. Now, before I rank sites, I will need to build citations (with some phone number on them) , then GMB and so on.. How would you go about this? So, In that case, I do not put my own number(call rail number) on all of the citations because I would later then (when I rank the site) have to change all those numbers to one that I take from affiliate network?

    I am confused about this on what to plan. I would very appreciate your help, if possible



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