Local SEO – How to hit the N#1 spot in GOOGLE MAPS with one scary hack (2019)


Local SEO is a tricky business. Ranking high on Google maps is what everyone wants, but unfortunately, there is only room for 3 in the Google snack pack.


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  1. Mortuary Artist
    Mortuary Artist says:

    This really works. I did it with a large corporate company. It was changed within 5 minutes. The permanently closed suggestion works too. A no longer in business company was still in my way. I don’t know what they do to check, but it has gone. Thanks for all your videos. Did I mention that I got to 1st place in google maps, not for my town, but the whole county. Cheers 👍

  2. MIM
    MIM says:

    when i searched 24 hour emergency dentist london. Kings Cross dental is still #1 . This would 5 months after you did this. Your comments?

  3. Catherine Laker
    Catherine Laker says:

    Learning a lot from you Luc and enjoying watching my business go from strength to strength with your tips but have a couple of questions. Are businesses notified when someone has made an edit to their listing? Can businesses find out who is responsible for the edit to their listing?

  4. Evolution Cloud Accounting
    Evolution Cloud Accounting says:

    I have been watching a lot of Ranking Academy videos to help my little business get a better presence online. I have used a number of tips for my new (to be released soon) website, added my company details to a number of local directories, added posts and features in my Google Business and Facebook pages. My company is a bookkeeping business located in Bondi Junction (Sydney) Australia. Today I googled "Bookkeeping Services Bondi Junction" and my company since December has slowly gone up the ladder… from no 9 we are now number 3 on the Google Snack Pack. I have learned so much from these videos and very thankful for Luke's generosity in sharing all his knowledge.

  5. Peter Hall
    Peter Hall says:

    Luc, I am giving this a try myself now.
    One other thing that I noticed is that some of my competitors actually don't even have a Business License. I searched some of my competitors on the Better Business Bureau website where I am an Accredited Member with an A+ rating, so I'm now wondering how changing a "so called company" name listing would work?

  6. uday pavan
    uday pavan says:


    I have tried reporting to google about the spammers, when i did report it .. It shows as your edit is under review.. Its been more than a week now. Havent got any updats since then.. Any reason behind it

  7. Noah Britton
    Noah Britton says:

    Great Video! I just discovered your channel and super impressed by your delivery and content. I found several businesses spamming WordPress and Website Design in their titles for my competitors and promptly suggested edit to the business name and they did update almost immediately. Kudos for all the responses you give to the comments on your videos… especially to the few that dissented. Google deals with millions and millions of listings it takes crowdsourcing sometimes to report spammers. Many know what they are doing with these spammy company titles. A+

  8. Steve Hall
    Steve Hall says:

    Hi. I am really enjoying your videos and getting a lot of value from them. I am keen to learn enough and be confident to offer ranking services to other companies, but not sure what I need to know, how to show them evidence of what I can offer them and, what to charge. Do you have any advice?

  9. Penelope Petyarr
    Penelope Petyarr says:

    So anyone can edit the name of other businesses…what would prevent someone from changing the name of a real business, not just spammers? Sometimes you cant tell which one is real. What can Google do about it? Its becoming a wild west!

  10. Zoe Wallflower
    Zoe Wallflower says:

    Hi, thank you so much for this video. After watching it, I've looked around to see what businesses near mine are doing on Google Maps and oh boy, so much cheating. I proceeded with the name changing suggestion for one them but it's been a few days and Google doesn't show the update. Is that normal? Also, one business has three different listings on Google Maps with domains redirecting to their main one. Is this something I can report as well? Thanks for your help! This info was totally new to me and I am so glad I came across your channel.

  11. Jake Turner
    Jake Turner says:

    QUESTION: I have a question on a non-topic, but important. When you geo-grid photos to put on google plus, it allows you to drop a pin for the location OR put your address in that you have registered with google plus (your business location). Being that I am a service company, and build outdoor living areas in the field, can I pin the photo at the location the job took place, or must I only pin the photo for geo-gridding at my business location Google Plus has on file only? I would rather pin each photo to the job sites, thus spreading my pins throughout my service area. This way over time once the 100's of photos I have on G+ are all pinned and named ie: "landscaping Toledo Ohio" over time I will have my entire 40 mile service area covered with all of the keywords I want via photos. I HOPE THIS MAKES SENSE. Thanks !!!

  12. Mark Heller
    Mark Heller says:

    this is ridiculous, SEO is basically a Google hack, they state in their terms and conditions that if you go out and seek a link that is against what they say to do. This is like negative SEO.

  13. michael b
    michael b says:

    Also what about service businesses that you know don't have an address & only see customers at their home but who show their address on their GMB listing which we know Google gives an advantage to? Can that be modified too in the same way or is that a different process?

  14. michael b
    michael b says:

    Is there any comeback on you from Google for reporting it? I am sure I read somewhere before an agency type guy said his listing was suspended instead. Would you advise doing it annoymously?

  15. Aldine Tree Services Houston Stump Grinding
    Aldine Tree Services Houston Stump Grinding says:

    Hello again, and thanks for your response. Perhaps you could post a response to this question? What is the most effective manner to share videos to Linkedin? I like the Youtube analytics, however if there is a better way to promote my videos on Linkedin, I'm appreciative for your help.


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