SEO For Dummies: How To Rank #1 On Google In 3 Easy Steps [2019]


Getting more clients can seem like a pain in the butt, but what if you could just rank keyword terms and start generating inbound leads for your business You can …


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  1. Gregory Cooper
    Gregory Cooper says:

    Hi Ruan, just a quick question mate. What if I have a client who offers a service in several geographic areas for example 'service in area' is it best to build multiple pages for this same phrase. Is it a problem having a lot of pages with the same information apart from the 'area', obviously it changes on each page. Thanks in advance. GC.

  2. raja kumari
    raja kumari says:

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  3. Hometown HVAC 1
    Hometown HVAC 1 says:

    Is it a good idea to title tag each page on your website ? home ,about, services, financing , contact ? Using the same keyword 'HEATING REPAIR CITY". Or does google frown on this? I mean while using yoast plugin H1 title H2 meta description ,Slug all the same /

  4. Moximaxius
    Moximaxius says:

    I've seen you end up creating multiple pages with the same content *Only changing SEO keywords to local areas e.g. Oregon SEO | Charlotte SEO | etc, do you not worry about google sandboxing your site for having multiple similar content? – I always thought that would want to avoid duplicated posts/content as much as possible *(Including keywords for different pages)

  5. Chinmay Ray
    Chinmay Ray says:

    Ruan not undermining any of your videos. Hats off to your efforts Ruan. However, this video is one of the best interms of the steps you said and buddy best thing about you is you are 100% transparent. Surely your site will be no 1 in India bro. It will soon improve from 60000. You are best
    Keep the fire on. Thank You. Anyway I say to my friends about your site and mostly about your YouTube video. Thank You.

  6. xX_Telamon_Xx
    xX_Telamon_Xx says:

    You have provided SO, SO MUCH VALUE to me that I cannot even express it in a youtube comment. you are seriously amazing. thank you so much, Ruan. love the content you put out.

  7. Vadim Gutu
    Vadim Gutu says:

    I appreciate a lot of what you are doing, but compared to the old video where you go step by step showing the actual process and providing value, this one is just a waste of 30 min 23 sec. Much bla bla promotion and nothing valuable. I've been watching all your videos and the last ones are really bs. If you don't want to disclose your tips & tricks anymore, at least make the videos inspiring and fun watch, buying fake traffic won't bring you more paid course subscriptions.

  8. WhiteBeer
    WhiteBeer says:

    Hi , Ruan ! May I ask you if created brand new website about 1year old . How long does it take backlinks to show up? and after website updated how long does it take for google to update search results ?

  9. Daniel Davies
    Daniel Davies says:

    Do you add these as pages without actually having links to them on your main site? So they all lead back to your site, but there is no physical link on your site to them?

  10. Kassem Raya
    Kassem Raya says:

    that title is kinda stupid, Seo for dummies? u know no dummies doing seo… use suitable titles please, and thank u for good content, not reflected in title..

  11. Jonathan Corcoran
    Jonathan Corcoran says:

    Hey Ruan, I live in Connecticut too, I'm trying to learn all I can this year on social media marketing because I want to pursue that path full time. I currently work for myself and earn income through social media. I'm young and hungry and I don't mind accepting unpaid work for a chance to learn the exact skills I want to gain from a master such as yourself.

    Here are some pages I operate on Instagram at the moment:


    Are you still accepting interns, if so how can we connect?


  12. Addicted 2 PPC
    Addicted 2 PPC says:

    Hi Ruan, thanks for another killer video. Just letting you know that your facebook link on your website is broken, mine was too and I've just updated it. Please could you do a video on LSI's as you mentioned them in the video, but I'm not familiar with them. I'm looking for your to seeing you PPC video as this is was I speciliase on my channel on. Would love to collaborate with you on the next one..


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