SEO in 2019 - What’s Working Today?


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  1. Barton Interactive
    Barton Interactive says:

    After going through many hours (over years) of Moz training (specifically on focusing on a specific keyword phrase on top pages), switching gears to focusing more on topics feels a little daunting… but also less greasy. Happy to hear this and looking forward to trying this new approach.

  2. ja55mck
    ja55mck says:

    Interesting. I get what you are saying about refreshing content….have you guys got any tips on how to do that? I'm presuming just changing the publish date wont do it?

  3. Sargam tiwari
    Sargam tiwari says:

    Hello Sam Oh,
    As you know that most of the strategies are not working for health websites because of Florida 2.0 and other updates which has come last year…can you please make a vedio on how to build strategy for healthcare/pharma websites.

  4. MK Shaikh
    MK Shaikh says:

    very nice sir.
    sir, how should I measure my Business category going Up or Down?
    like my business is Laptop repairing business and how can I check Laptop Repairing Business going Up or Down with using Keywords research? I am fresher plz plz plz help me.

  5. Abhishek yadav
    Abhishek yadav says:

    Hey Sam! Amazing video with so many knowledge bombs! Thank you! One Question, is it recommended to change the published date of the article to the current while republishing the article?


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