SEO Optimization Tutorial For Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping 2019 (FREE TRAFFIC)


In this video, we go over the exact techniques you need to use in order to do proper SEO for your Shopify dropshipping store starting 2019! Use these …


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  1. hy j
    hy j says:

    some seo apps recommend 60 characters for seo title and 160 characters for meta description. also they advise that the seo title is included in the description. is that right practice?


    Hight Brother if i put the same images from aliexpress and some parts from the descreption provided from aliexpress this will harm the ranking of my store in google or it's ok to do this.

  3. Sharon Hygema
    Sharon Hygema says:

    Ok so I’m not techy at all I just started my store when you say to put our name in the title what format like | then the name or | <name in brackets > ? Thank so much

  4. Lynnette Tonkin
    Lynnette Tonkin says:

    From what I understand the Title of your Shopify Product automatically becomes your H1 tag and I thought you were only meant to have x1 H1 tag on a page so therefore wouldn't the hook be an H2 tag and what does that mean for google crawling purposes – does it take any notice? Thanks in advance 🙂 – loving your tutorials by the way – just found them yesterday 🙂


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