The Worst SEO Advice Ever! (That You May Be Following)


The Worst SEO Advice Ever! (That You May Be Following) // The problem with SEO is there’s way too much noise out there and you could be picking the wrong …


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  1. Fan of G.K
    Fan of G.K says:

    No matter if it is good or worse but because following your suggestions really works for me I got total 50K visitors in 1.5 year 😂 which is smaller for you due to sone mistakes in beginning but very much bigger for me.🙆

  2. Xizzee WebDesign
    Xizzee WebDesign says:

    Yes, content is still king because if you promote crap, nobody will come back. However, you are correct with the 80-20 rule about promotion. This is where email systems that integrate with your content are valuable. I'm using MailChimp right now. Constant Contact is another popular email system. It's all about starting and keeping a relationship with potential customers. It's like dating. You have to warm people up, build trust, give them a reason for staying in the relationship, and then get them to convert. Long term customers spend a lot more than once-and-done customers.

  3. vatsambuj
    vatsambuj says:

    I was doing the opposite thing. 80% of time creating content and 20% promotion. And no wonder that I am not getting much traffic. But it's time to change the plan. Thanks for creating yet another value-packed video. By the way, love your hand gesture man.

  4. Pim Piepers
    Pim Piepers says:

    Hi Neil, I follow your advice all the time and I love it. But this one… No. Where I live, simply creating stacks of content really is the real deal. Why? Because many regional business often only of have one or two competitors for their branch. They very often don't even have any content framework or poor (meaning no) SEO at all. To those people I always say, and it always works: First create 10x more content then before. After that, optimize, adjust, research and repeat. To me it's like this: Content is king, but a content frame work is emperor.

  5. Evie Hernandez
    Evie Hernandez says:

    Neil, I believe Content is King because I think of text, images, and videos as Content. So Content is King! I agree with you that YES it is important to promote it! When I write a BLOG I repurpose it as all sorts of content. I believe that my Bizniversity Bytes Emails (which are a little bit of content from my blogs) drive traffic to my website and they keep getting open because of the valuable Content (videos, images, and text!) I promote. Thanks Neil!

  6. Boo Rhodes
    Boo Rhodes says:

    Yes, I hear it all of the time. I do this. I try to write 2k to 4K per week that creates a 30 minute horror fiction short story. So I put it out on the podcast, youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. The podcast goes out on iheartradio, itunes/apple podcasts, spotify, etc. I get about 500 to 4K downlaods per day on the podcast and only about 30 hits per day on the website. YouTube gets a whopping 40 to 100 views (lol). I get ads from the podcast, but I'd like to see more Patreon subscribers and other kinds of sales like maybe t-shirts, cups, etc. but it doesn't seem to happen. It's hard to get people to click on these things.

  7. Kirill Kibirev
    Kirill Kibirev says:

    Thanks for the effort. The botrome line as you said is slaes. I wonder how many of this 4kk visitors a month, you mentioned, eventualy converted to sales or other business goals… can you share that with us?

  8. Jasimuddin
    Jasimuddin says:

    Sir, suppose I want to rank a keyword 'x' that search volume suppose globally 1900, in USA 300 , actually search volume is low but if I search this 'x' keyword, high competitive site comes the first page on Google then will I be able to rank? Please sir inform me, those who my competitors how much their DA, PA , Back links stay their site, then should I try or not,?


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