How To Do Keyword Research For SEO & Content Marketing. Learn How To Create Your Master Keyword List


Want the best keyword research tutorial for 2018? Click & create your master keyword list with this step-by-step kw tutorial. If you want SEO traffic, you must learn …


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  1. Barry Anderson
    Barry Anderson says:

    Good information Miles like all of your YouTube Videos are demonstrating. I am sharing your content to my FaceBook timelines. Just the right thing to do to help my friends and followers on Social Media. Mutually we support each other on this hard work journey. Holistic Chef Barry Anderson of the Garden Villa Phuket Nature Retreat Phuket Thailand.

  2. Idarious Osborn
    Idarious Osborn says:

    Hey Miles, I need to understand what level of keyword difficulty to stay away from and what amount of search volume to focus on. Are there any rules of thumb to go by when it comes to that?

  3. Emmett Johnson
    Emmett Johnson says:

    If I am starting out with an affiliate sales focus, do I do it all under the same website to help build ranking? Like my own "Consumer Reports"? I am still learning, and want to build content but do not know if totally unrelated niches under same web page is counter-productive. Multiple websites by niche / sub-niche or everything under a "mother ship"? Thank you!

  4. Debi J
    Debi J says:

    What a great video and SO helpful!! I’ve been doing keyword research with the tools I’ve always used with affiliate marketing and was wondering if there was a difference on how you choose for YouTube. This was great to see the actual process so I can be confident with what I’m doing, AND stay organized!! Thanks Miles!

  5. Joy B
    Joy B says:

    Thank you Miles! As a photographer, would I use basic words like Portrait, Photo, Photography or try to think of specific words people searching would use? I'm thinking from my perspective and I need to think from their search perspective. Would I also use words like Outdoor, Studio, Fine Art, Family, etc? I know that I'm thinking in tunnel vision and not broad enough. If you could point me in a direction, I would appreciate it!!

  6. csphilli
    csphilli says:

    Hi Miles – Thanks for your great content. I have a question regarding web niche. I love cars and I tend to write about anything that interests me. Regarding affiliation niche, I mainly just use products that are related to cars but don’t really have laser like focus as you describe here. Am I making a mistake doing it like this?

  7. Peter Campbell
    Peter Campbell says:

    Miles – you're videos absolutely 'slay it'. They are enormously informative, humble and sincerely honest. They are by far, the best 'How To' videos on SEO on the web. Please keep it up. We need you !!!

  8. Mark Fanning
    Mark Fanning says:

    Hey Miles, only just come across your channel and brand but, great job!!
    Quick questions……..
    1 – You talk about creating and posting literally hundreds of pieces of content to build out your site but about what sort of percentage would you say are/would be pure information with no affiliate links (other than internals to other pieces on the site) as against pieces with a link or two in them?
    2 – Would you advocate just linking to only one product (tangible or digital) in each piece or would you consider linking to two or multiple different products throughout one piece?
    3 – At the beginning of a new site, how many pieces of content would you post before you started thinking about posting ones with affi links in or alternatively, if you were regularly posting 6/7 pieces per week, how long in time would you leave it before inserting links into your content?
    4 – With your keyword research phrases, would you create a single piece of content for every single phrase or would you pick a main phrase and sprinkle in some other ones throughout piece as semantic keywords?
    Thanks Miles, I love your presenting style….keep on keeping on!

  9. Bojan Peček
    Bojan Peček says:

    That was very valuable, thank you.

    I'd like you to ask a few questions to understand better how I can apply it to my business, which is e-commerce:
    1. Would you build a blog on the e-commerce site to create those posts or rather a separate site (sites?) and link it?
    2. How long do the posts need to/should be?
    3. Are you writing this content yourself?

    Thanks again.

  10. Dylan Burrows
    Dylan Burrows says:

    Hey Miles thank you for the video, if I was to go google my keyword and the exact match didn't come up, would that mean I could out rank those pages? For example; If I was to rank for 'how to poach an egg with an egg poacher', but all I got on the search was; 'How to poach an egg' Could I outrank those pages with my longer tail keyword?


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