How to Do Local SEO in 2018: Complete A-Z Tutorial


This video will show you how to do local SEO to get free traffic from organic search and Google Maps listings using Google My Business and search engine …


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  1. Marty McLeod
    Marty McLeod says:

    I'm not currently doing local SEO but had considered it for a possible niche opportunity. I know it's a different "beast" altogether, so thanks for this! Very educational. Sam you produced some of the best videos I've seen. I send everyone I can to your channel. A+! 🙂

  2. The Keto Chief
    The Keto Chief says:

    I am not no sea but thinking of becoming one after all I think I no more then most seo companies do. do not think so. well I am a antique dealer and I live in a place that has tuns of antique stores some of witch are way bigger then mine. but with my way of seo I get others who pay pushed down on the list and I pay nothing I just no the right ways to do it. snack pack forget that the pack gets pushed down so it can make room for me and on google its to make room for my map. do not beleve it search antiques 53104 on yahoo and google and see wear I show up and how many times I show up on them pages I show up with different names even as we have 2 building on site. I would like to no do you think if I became a seo business I could charge people a arm and a let and would get it when they see how powerfull my work is.

  3. chop chay
    chop chay says:

    Your presentation is far more better than others… It's not boring, so engaging. Snaps are so presented… Imagination runs. If you have a course, people will buy it. More presentation like this… Very rich content.

  4. Scott Jones
    Scott Jones says:

    Google My Business was updated not long after you uploaded this video. You no longer have the option to hide your address, it now gives you service area options instead.

    I guess it's the same principle and still soild advice!

  5. Vijay Rajendran
    Vijay Rajendran says:

    Finally a video that explains the entire procedure from someone. Or else everyone Seo expert on youtube only tell "tips" which is useless until you know the proper procedure.

  6. Mark Puckett
    Mark Puckett says:

    I love Ahrefs and your videos but Your not correct when you say "Keyword stuffing" your name is not helpfull for ranking.
    Just ask anyone that does "Rank and Rent" sites like myself.

  7. Movies In Parts
    Movies In Parts says:

    I love this video sir thanks for this valuable information. And sir can you please help me out. Actually I'm going to open new event management services in my area. Please sir help me if possible. And if possible give me your WhatsApp number or skype or Facebook or Instagram anything which you're using. Thanks in advance.

  8. Jen Rock
    Jen Rock says:

    Great video & very helpful thank you. Question: Once you have the code generated from the structured data mark up helper, where abouts do you actually place it on the web page?


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