Full Wordpress SEO Tutorial


Free wordpress SEO tutorial for those who want to know how to get search traffic to their websites.


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  1. Steely33
    Steely33 says:

    I have a question, do you guys use any type of dictation software to write with like Grammarly, etc. I'm not the best at punctuation, spelling and all that jazz?

  2. hortihorteae
    hortihorteae says:

    I don't know why, but I've watched you guys videos more than 1 time and still got gold nuggets.

    Now my website has generate more than 10$. It has excite me!

    Thanks guys.

    You both are awesome!

  3. Kembo
    Kembo says:

    You guys are so right. I realized that I was spending so much time trying to make yoast validate my post.. To make it turn green. Then I did this… Unplugged the plugin…

  4. Leighton Smith
    Leighton Smith says:

    I have a new website which is a travel site and I need to optimize it and I was wondering could you guys give me a hand with this I am new at this and maybe if you take a look at my site you tell me where I may have gone wrong or right thank you

  5. Mr B
    Mr B says:

    How you rank on google is help people out! This means creating content that bests your competitors on 1st page, with well researched articles that are 2500 words+ !!!

  6. westmost13
    westmost13 says:

    The company that attempted to build my website. Hit me with a proposition to promote my SEO , all for $499.00 a month for 6 months…Well I did not know what a SEO was…so I googled and Yoast came up in a viedo. I am still wating on a functional Website. This will go before the Consumer Fraud Division Arizona. Web developers that answer the phone, respond to emails, and finish the job. Well OK, that's the Hype AKA BS… Since that started in July 2018 I have studied 5 to 8 hours a day on YouTube learning about Website Building. These Guys are great , I watch them daily to keep my sanity about negative expierences. Yes I will get started with my Blog.
    Happy and a better New Year.

  7. Elise Langley
    Elise Langley says:

    Thanks so much for this info, very helpful. Does it matter if it's a blog post or a page? Does it get found equally or is it better to write a blog post instead of a page?

  8. Ben
    Ben says:

    This stuff works people, I'm seeing it in practice with my second site which I followed these tips and other for, vs. My first which I didnt. Listen to these guys they are giving away valuable advice for free on this channel!

  9. Brenda Aesoph
    Brenda Aesoph says:

    I am searching for seo help on my wordpress website that is not considered passive income . It looks like this format is the only way to contact you for help. My website is http://www.area.work I have subscribed to your channel and have watched many of your videos. I've also been to your website. This passive income website business sounds amazing to me . We knock ourselves out day in day out year in and year out. We're always on call. We've missed most family and friends get togethers because of these occupations we've chosen. At 62 & 68 we should be able to see grandkids, family and friends a lot more .

  10. Vleporama vinyl car decals and 3d prints
    Vleporama vinyl car decals and 3d prints says:

    Okey! So silly question is. My competitors (some of them) do not got blog. I have one i did some articles and i think that i should focus to write bigger descriptions for my products? Sometimes they are same as comps. So is it better way to rank on google by writing biggger descriptions for products?

  11. Hemant Rajurkar
    Hemant Rajurkar says:

    You guys are super awesome. There is so much misinformation on the internet and you guys are like oasis in a dessert. It really gave me the confidence to start my own blog and rank it well. I always follow your videos and love the awesome and honest content that you create. Thanks again!

  12. cedrix57
    cedrix57 says:

    Hello, on your website I was reading your wordpress plugin recommandations. You recommend woocommerce. Do you have a set of plugins to use with woocommerce so our website stay fast and bug frees ?

  13. Ethan Thomas
    Ethan Thomas says:

    I watch a lot of your videos, and I've learned a lot from you guys. I do have one question, My question is does it matter what type of web hosting you use? I'm using the blogger platform to create my sites which is free to use. Is this a good platform?

  14. Nathan K Smith
    Nathan K Smith says:

    Hey Guys, Thank you for all of the content! Very inspirational and helpful.

    Question about how you guys set up your url structure on your websites.. It looks like in your navigation for dirtbikeplanet and camperreport you use category pages like category/product-reviews……… or…….. category/buyers-guide……… or……….. category/dirt-bike-info

    However you don't use /category for https://dirtbikeplanet.com/recommended-gear/………or…………https://camperreport.com/camper-resources/

    Is there a reason for that?

    Also do you have your yoast plugin setup to CRAWL the category pages such as category/buyers-guide……… or……….. category/dirt-bike-info?


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