SEO Audit Checklist 2018 ✅ (6 Steps To Ranking With Video Walk Through)


If you’re looking to do SEO audits in 2018 this is the video for you. Here I cover all the different things you should do for any website you’re going to be auditing.


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  1. Tommy Owen
    Tommy Owen says:

    Hi Chase…. I have 2 issues I'm unable to crack…. 1. Within SemRush I'm seeing tons of MIXED & DUPLICATE content errors saying I have a bunch of HTTPS pages and links but I don't even use SSL or HTTPS.. I'm only using HTTP….. Is this possibly just suggesting that I DO use HTTPS or did I maybe index wrong? —- 2. I'm getting other DUPLICATE CONTENT errors and the only thing I can think of is that I have the same Call-To-Action at the bottom of most of my pages which consists of a line of text and a button. Should I remove this from all pages and/or change it up? I had no idea a CTA could count as duplicate content……. YOU ROCK MAN!!! Thanks for everything you do.

  2. Brennan Daniels
    Brennan Daniels says:

    Sorry if this was explained in the Cold Outreach video but how do you cold call businesses if you have no SEO results under your belt?

    It's really easy for anyone to say, "I know how to improve your rankings on Google, let me help you etc."

  3. Chris Brown
    Chris Brown says:

    chase, you got more videos out that netflix, so it is hard to know if you have answered my question or not before, however, I want to know if you are moving from beam us up to seo profiler? ie, what is your main on site audit tool?


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