🇬🇧/🇺🇸 How to deliver outstanding results with technical SEO - Searchmetrics Summit


Presentation of Bartosz Góralewicz of Elephate at the Searchmetrics Summit on 15.02.2017 in Berlin. Find out more about Searchmetrics on …


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  1. emetamarket
    emetamarket says:

    Nice presentation. Though we would not frame your ending note that Technical SEO is better than Content Marketing. Each has its own merits and service. In the case you have mentioned, even English to English Translation, we believe content will need to be country framed to address the relevant audience. So, while we perform SEO for our clients to boost their digital presence, content marketing strategies and techniques are indispensable to reach and engage the right audience. There are a lot of literature on the topic; we have done one couple of years ago which you could check http://emetamarket.com/difference-between-seo-content-marketing/


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