How to Increase Website Traffic by Piggybacking 2nd Page Rankings - Advanced Niche Site Strategies


One of the quickest and most effective ways to increase organic search traffic is to push the keywords ranking on the second page of Google onto the first page.


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  1. Jakob Bourne
    Jakob Bourne says:

    You can try other methods to help you increase website traffic. One method i've used in growing my website was the use of influencer marketing with phlanx as my platform. It does this by utilizing networks of influencers (popular people on social media) for promotion and advertising (hence the name influencer marketing), this creates a really effective means of kick starting potential start ups out there who need the boost in presence. If you're interested, good results come from good and legitimate platforms, try checking out phlanx if you're interested, i've been using it for a long while now for my website where i ran my business, and so far i've been doing really well with it

  2. IgnisKipa
    IgnisKipa says:

    Josh please consider do 1 on 1 coaching please and also can you make video that explain sea and air freight or air cargo please?. I want to try DDP or Delivery Duty Paid but not sure the actual process with custom and so on because it involve using freight forward.


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