How to Optimize Images for SEO - Beyond Basics


How to Optimize Images for SEO shows advanced Image Optimization methods by using Photoshop explains how to optimize …


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  1. Martin Giddings
    Martin Giddings says:

    I thought I would come back and give an update. I've not found that adding any info to the exif data will give you any edge in Google images at this time. I state at this time as that may change in the future. Adding it does no harm and in the long term who knows it may be of benefit. The biggest factor I've found is the url title and the alt text. Make them specific and unique.

  2. Martin Giddings
    Martin Giddings says:

    I thought I would give a two week update. At this stage adding exif info to my photographs has made no difference to ranking my images. The image name and alt text is the biggest two things to think about to get your images ranked higher in Google. I'll come back in 4 to 8 weeks and give examples just to make sure time isn't a factor..

  3. Chemeria Consultancy
    Chemeria Consultancy says:

    Great Video the best I've seen on Images SEO . But I have a question if you have pictures you have done basic SEO on wordpress would it work if updated your optimization of these pics? Or would it be better to delete them from the WP then optimize them all over again and upload them again?

  4. Tony Inocentes, Sr
    Tony Inocentes, Sr says:

    Great stuff I have been following your advice for awhile always with great results.. My concern / question today is If you are using a wordpress theme and all of your images were already published and you want to update them how to do that? Is there a way to easily update and re-optimize images or do I have to delete the image and optimize from scratch re load the images to the them and publish again?

  5. Trudy Schwartz-Burrill
    Trudy Schwartz-Burrill says:

    I just need to watch this 500 times. But this video is PRICELESS. Even in web building class that I have paid more money than I'll admit. They say "Don't worry about Meta Data. Its JUST your SEO. Then they do speak of SEO, bring on an expert. Basically – Since 2009. NO ONE HAS EVER SHOWED ME THIS.
    Thanks so much, True
    Two questions:
    1 How do watermarks effect SEO?
    2. Can I prevent people from uploading the files?

  6. Slainiae
    Slainiae says:

    Liebe Tolga.
    Recently I used Photoshop to input information in the "File Info" window as you described and I then saved the image. However, if I right-click on that saved image, go to Properties, then go to the Details tab, the information which I just wrote in the Photoshop "Description" field is not shown anywhere.
    So, my question is: is the description field only valid for Photoshop?

  7. TheWalkingCat
    TheWalkingCat says:

    thank you sooo sooo much, this Video was really infomative.
    I knew many (maybe even all of those tps) before BUT it took me ages to find them.
    Thank you so much for beeing so frank and sharing with us what you do!
    thumbs up!

  8. BgKingdomBizz
    BgKingdomBizz says:

    Hi Tolga, thank you for another great course on this topic nobody talk about. Even the big marketer dont. I am sure gonna to implement this, since i am creating a travel website. But i have a question? Is there an alternative if you dont have adobe photoshop. I mostly optimise my images in the properties because i dont have software to design any picture only what windows offer. Thanks again for this video, for me this is a whole course. Thanks and all the best.

  9. Najivi Turner
    Najivi Turner says:

    Great Video, Thank You. I have a Women's Boutique and need to get my items visible. I tried all of your steps, but was unsuccessful at seeing it in Google Images. You can probably see my work in Photoshop, would greatly appreciate any advice. The pic name is Fall Colors Group and is obviously the group of 4 at the following link  My site is with WordPress

  10. VideoBase
    VideoBase says:

    Incredible stuff over the last few years of researching seo not once has this topic even come up. And as a wedding photographer you can imagine how important this kind of content is. brilliant work as always. Also just a little side note for you, Genre is pronounced like jon-rah

  11. Pina Germano
    Pina Germano says:

    Thanks for always great content. I've learned alot from watching your videos

    I was wondering if website is built through go daddy i have to upload my photos to go daddy first then insert into website so when you inspect element(photo) rather than it showing some of the great info you've shared here it shows godaddy as source of photo it shows like this example <img src="//;disposition=0&amp;alloworigin=1" alt="my keywords" style="vertical-align:middle;width:182px;height:139px;"> (i've modiffied the sample a bit) but that's how it shows for all my images.

    So i've begun the compressing of photos with JPEG Optimizer as you've suggested then rename them and try to remove as much details on the property as i can. But obviously i feel it is a lot of work but will it pay off since i can't provide the details as you describe here. How can i go about changing it from reading ig src=//nebula.wsming to my information.

    as well when deleting info from properties of file i wonder when the pic is uploaded to website does it show up the info like which computer it came from etc. which is further down on properties after the date, subject, keywords etc.

    Thanks : ) appreciate your hard work on all this great information for those of us trying to figure this all out 🙂 have a great day

  12. Naveed Zafar
    Naveed Zafar says:

    Hi.. great information! I have learned a lot.
    I have a website with more than 2000 images which are not optimized well. Now I want to do optimize them as suggested. What is the safe way of doing it as many images are already ranked in Google? I don't want to lose any traffic. Thanks!

  13. Saksham Arora
    Saksham Arora says:

    hey man i follow your tips alot but here's the thing mostly people use a free version of photoshop(cracked version) so in that case can they optimize images in phtoshop or not?
    coz i think it will create a trouble for them.
    don't u think so?

  14. Ira T
    Ira T says:

    thanks for your great tutorials! I did already SEO for few my images, but when i want to check it performance by Jefrey Exif it show me that nothing changed (old poor description). Does google ranking for images take some time or it should be shown immediately? i have my site on some selling platform, maybe that's the case also


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