Kim Heechul and Seo Janghoon


I really like Heechul and Janghoon’s relationship, they seem very close . It’s also great seeing Janghoon so amused with Heechul . I know they have a moment …


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  1. Fiona Green
    Fiona Green says:

    Heechul reminds me of that character from "Antique Bakery"… Gay with "Demonic Charm"… One look and the person – whether gay or straight – falls for him

  2. Yuu_petalnim
    Yuu_petalnim says:

    I can say for sure Heechul is not gay but the thing is everytime he cross-dressed he gave me a totally “girl feeling”, like I totally think he’s is a GIRL! Not gay, A TOTAL GIRL!!!! Probably because he’s just so freaking pretty!!!!! But damn when he’s a total man,too!!!!! Heechul is just so unique!!!!! He’s special in his own way!!!! 💙❤️💙


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