Seo Kang Joon cuts @Roommate part 2 [eng]


5urprise’s Seo Kang Joon cuts @Roommate part 2 [eng]


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  1. Chas Retsa
    Chas Retsa says:

    I never really liked Min Woo with Seo Joon. Remember that episode during the night bbq where Seo Joon got an MC spot and Min Woo's ass was sulking on the side instead of being supportive. Min Woo just gave off a jealous vibe towards Seo Joon and watching this just reminded me of that again.

  2. hana kotoba
    hana kotoba says:

    Kang Joon looks older for his age. That's true. I'm currently watching WHTMF and I cant believe that Park Hyung Sik is older than him. Like c'mon! Hyungsik looks like a baby but Kang Joon looks so mature.

  3. asiandrama21
    asiandrama21 says:

    omg! Seo Kang Joon with Soo Hyun! omg! my fav acctress… hope they will pair her up with him someday in drama lol..

    I have no idea Seo Kang Joon has all the access in the world meet or work with the actress I love. From Kim Go Eun, Kim Soo Hyun, and now Hong Soo Hyun!

    To My surprise, Nana doesn't sincerely like Kang Joon at all. Her face is not sincere towards Kang Joon. I bet she is just playing around. Kang Joon seems smell it as well. Hong Soo Hyun is the one who look like geniunely like Kang Joon. She is jealous when Nana Pick Kang Joon !

  4. Daniella Park
    Daniella Park says:

    i watch this show before cause of exo but i don't know Seo Kang Joon yet, but i start to like him since Cheese In The Trap. Whyyyy was i so blind previously sobs :'(

    It breaks my heart when he said in boarding room he barely eat meat. I bet now he can eat meat everyday :)). Idol life is really though but he is doing great as an actor now.


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