The COMPLETE 2015 SEO Guide - Basic to Advanced SEO Course


NEW Updated course for ** 2016 *** here: – same great author, NEW updated content!!! –


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  1. Vincent Torrieri
    Vincent Torrieri says:

    This is not a basic course – This is NOT an English lesson but coded language – I wish once there was a tech geek who knew how to speak normal English and present ——-SHOW , really SHOW, do not tell!!!!

  2. Quickregisterseo
    Quickregisterseo says:

    Thank you for clarifying buying links. For me it was just advertising so what is this difference between buying links. You have a great analysis of what types of links are beneficial and what types are not. Thank you for clarifying. I disagree with you that Google rewards originality (of course the content has to be original but it does not necessarily reward brilliance or wit). It rewards popularity. Sites like Mashable and Huffington Post just re hash news stories and the articles are basic. Maybe someday there will be an irony, humor, and brilliance algorithim. We can dream. Thanks for excellent video. Number 1 in YouTube for SEO so you must be doing something right!

  3. Codey T
    Codey T says:

    Watching through the entire video at the moment and loving what I'm seeing/hearing.

    I genuinely laughed when you pointed the arrow to the T-Rex. Good job haha


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