16 How to Optimize Your Images for SEO


16 How to optimize your images for SEO video lesson explains how to name HTML images and use alt attribute for Google. Created by https://www.rankya.com/


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  1. nilesh jadhav
    nilesh jadhav says:

    What an amazing content on SEO .. This is by far coolest channel on digital marketing.
    Image size is also an important factor. Can you please let me know how can I reduce the image size and all its attributes in WP IN BULK instead one by one?

    Thanks @RankYa !!

  2. Michael M.
    Michael M. says:

    Rankya. That was a very good video on alt tags. I am having trouble duplicating the process. Every time I fill out the "File Info" in photoshop and save it, when I reopen-it is blank. I have tried it many times with the same results. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you. Mike

  3. Keith Nguyen
    Keith Nguyen says:

    Dear Sir, i am not a web designer but strive to learn SEO . I saw your program that you used in this clip. Is it Dreamweaver. Instead of using this software, can i use php designer8 to edit or read the website code. Many thanks

  4. RankYa
    RankYa says:

    Images that have fixed width and height will not work well for mobile devices, you have to use CSS for making images mobile friendly. For example: img {width:100%; max-width:768px; }


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