How to Use Google Keyword Tool for SEO


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  1. Sarah Jack
    Sarah Jack says:

    Loved this video too. Excellent! so different and high value videos. So what you are saying is affordable seo services for small business was someone else's keyword and was ranking well I should change it to low-cost seo solutions for small business for example right? Did I get it right?

  2. Saksham Arora
    Saksham Arora says:

    sir this video was a gold mine for me.
    i just want to ask you that if i use synonyms and make a decent link like for example: you used "affordable seo service" then do i need to maintain its density in that article too?
    like 1stkeyword will be "seo service" 2ndkeyword will be "affordable seo service" and so on…
    so i am little bit confused with this??

  3. Param S
    Param S says:

    finding a right SEO specialists on youtube, it's really hard because people muck around too much to sell their services, however Rankya is the Only one who shared his real experience in no $. I really appreciate your Time and effort for creating very useful SEO Videos

  4. Anders Danielsson
    Anders Danielsson says:

    When your page is in first place when you search, isn't that a personalized result just for you? Now you have an option to hide personal search result in Google. Every newbie fall far that.

  5. neeraj kumar Jha
    neeraj kumar Jha says:

    Hi, Actuallly there is a question. In your example the keywords "SEO SERVICES", "AFFORDABLE SEO SERVICES" have same landing page. So, to start first I have to concentrate on long term or short term. I am confused. Please Explain. Thanks.

  6. Abdul Rehman
    Abdul Rehman says:

    i should know this video is latest version of adwords, or old version because i didnt get this keyword tool in adwords, but i  get keyword planner it is similer to keyword tool

  7. lilcorndog
    lilcorndog says:

    @rankyaseoservices I tried to used the (~)tilde and minus(-) in google search but I didn't get any luck. I tried to google it but couldn't find it. Can you help me with That. And Thanks again Man, your the best!!!!


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