Geo Targeting with Google Webmasters - Get better ranking in multiple countries


How do you target different countries with only one website? How do you get a great Google ranking for English speaking countries, i.e. looking to get a top page …


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  1. Nikhil Lamba
    Nikhil Lamba says:

    Hi, I have a question regarding geotargeting. The sitemap you created for interleado. com/ie has only one page. Does that page also exist in the sitemap of the main site, that is, interleado. com?
    I have a site, which has one sitemap for it. Now I want to geo target a sub directory. Do I make a seperate sitemap for this page?
    If so, then both the main sitemap and the sitemap for the subdirectory will have that page. Is that how it should be done, or am I doing it incorrectly?


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