Get On First Page Of Google With Video Ranking

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  1. John Tulley
    John Tulley says:

    Hi David, Great videos, I'm using lots of your suggestions 🙂 Just wondered if adding a transcript of the video content in the description helps with SEO? I see you have a transcript on this video but not on most of your other videos, any reason for this? Also for SEO is there a optimum amount of text you can have in the description? Hope you can help, thanks.

  2. Jakob Bourne
    Jakob Bourne says:

    If you're interested in other methods, influencer marketing via phlanx can be a neat method to use here when it comes to increasing google ranking. it does so by means of influencer promotion.

  3. Ryan Delaet
    Ryan Delaet says:

    Hey has anyone heard of this service before?

    TopSpot is a very powerful ranking service, that can get your video ranked #1 on Youtube and Front Page of Google within 24 hours!

    We can take any 20 key words, and half will end up in the #1 slot for Youtube. Even better, half of those will end up on the front page of Google.

    We've really cracked the code here, all of this is based on Google and Youtube's terms and services. We use our own youtube accounts to publish the videos so there is no down side. If anyone is interested give me a shout !

  4. Tracy curammeng
    Tracy curammeng says:

    Your video has a loads of information. Great video. Implementing an every points you mentioned in the video. I hope it will be a great resource of my website helpful to improve the website search visibility.
    And please share any steps to increse the domain authority of my site quickly.
    thank you so much @DAVID for sharing.
    PLEASE Keep Continue..

  5. Keepin' It Relle
    Keepin' It Relle says:

    Do you have to pay to use the keyword tool on Google Adwords cuz I'm having a hard time accessing it. It keeps telling me I have to pay for ads. I don't want to do that, just want to use the keyword tool

  6. DJ's w.i.n. TV
    DJ's w.i.n. TV says:

    Do you mean to click on the link, click on the link below, that leads to a FREE Traffic report that is no longer available. 🙂 Sorry. I'm sure it happens to the best of us. You're probably updating the contents of your YouTube traffic report. I'm just getting started but I'm enjoying your videos – very helpful.  I have a question you've probably already done a video on: how do you install the subscribe icon in the upper right hand corner of your video? Thanks.   DJ

  7. Vincent Dowd
    Vincent Dowd says:

    Hi David, I subscribed but would like to know how you get the Subscribe Red button on your video. I know it is a water mark but each time I load a subscribe button it is too small and Deryl Eaves actually gets that button plus when you hover a big red subscribe button any clue on how to do this?   thanks much


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