Local SEO Tips - How to monopolize Google local ranking FAST


If you are looking for Local SEO tips – How to Monopolize the local Google ranking for 1 or 2 keywords I’ve come up with a method for ranking your website, …


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    WA TURF GURUS says:

    Bret you sir one legend Bloke that I can say up to my standards I want to see your honest Chanel grow every one who’s reeding this comment this guy is gold he is real keep up good work sir thank you!!!

  2. imGg6394
    imGg6394 says:

    Wow what a clear concise well thought out tutorial…. I loved it … subscribed…. I’m new to seo but I was going in this direction, ur video helped me really fill in all the blanks , I will be watch ALL ur videos , thank u!!

  3. Roman Paint Pros
    Roman Paint Pros says:

    I dominate a County, 3 areas… Within. We expanded, and Google has been suppressing us in our latest 2 expansion areas… They've told me, essentially "We want ad revenue first".

  4. Make Real Money
    Make Real Money says:

    Yep has a automatic script to redirect so there will be no do follow links with Yelp. I would take the same method that he's talking about and using other buffer sites. But the main idea is to basically have a buffer site send a ton of links to it while it's putting the working and pushing toward your website or video. That works with the 3 pack as well. Keep in mind guys you have to experiment and know what works for your videos in your area or website. Kudos to this guy for taking the time out to do this

  5. Bernhard Widmer
    Bernhard Widmer says:

    Dear Sir, i am sorry to say that you havent understand the therm Google local ranking, what your talking about is the organic ranking which has nothing to do with the local search.

  6. Delfino Sanchez Vargas
    Delfino Sanchez Vargas says:

    Hi Bret, thanks for sharing your helpful local SEO tips. My tree service business is in Houston. In watching one of your videos, I believe you mentioned an advantage of having pages dedicated toward relevant towns local. In my case, this could be many. I've been trying to interchange titles on different pages to receive some help in cities around Houston. Previously, I believe GoDaddy had advised me to reduce page url name extension. My question to you is, if for example I wanted to have pages for Sugar Land, Jersey Village, and Missouri City just to name a few, and I added relevant words so the searcher (customer) could better understand what populates, how would you feel about the url lenght being something like the following possibiliities? https://aldinetreeservices.com/missouri-city-tree-service

    None of these url pages are currently live. I thank you for your thoughts.

  7. Ibi
    Ibi says:

    Hey! Loving your channel. What sets you apart from the other SEO people is that you don't say this is "black hat" or "white hat" crap… just a simple explanation on the risks involved with the techniques that has worked for you. Easily my fav SEO person on youtube right now. Being an SEO person myself dealing with local businesses, I appreciate you sharing this content. I even recall when you helped me ranked my client on the maps (in a city of 2million) using your map techniques.

  8. John Bennett
    John Bennett says:

    Bret I just started doing SEO for a couple small businesses in Orange County CA. This is a fantastic video! I've actually learned quite a bit from you so I hope you don't mind that I take some of your ideas and implement them here. My background is direct response marketing and I'm slowly converting over to digital, I'm 71 years old so teaching an old dog new tricks can be difficult. Thanks again and can't wait to see your next video.


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