20 Easy SEO Tips For Brand New Websites In 2019


There is an endless list of things you can do to enhance your SEO performance. Whether it is optimizing title tags, meta tags, and clickthrough rates, In today’s …


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  1. Full Belly Meter Weight Loss System
    Full Belly Meter Weight Loss System says:

    Hi Ruan, I have been working on your suggestions like a old mad woman here and managed to get the yoast SEO all greens 100% now for my home page with the keywords I wanted (took some time), I saw in a video of yours, you are doing a giveaway contest for your course too and you said to put comments so not just because of that but of course I would love your course, however wanted to say I could not have gotten my 100% SEO greens without your detailed instruction and to say thank you so much. I just submitted a reindex from google and wait and see now, I have a tough category to rise up in I think but am following every step I can of yours. Fingers crossed! I would love to see a video on how to speed up my page to apparently resources are blocking the first paint of my page it says and I have a really terrible speed score of 2 and a beautiful site (such a shame). Anyone reading – Better than Patel (sorry patel no hard feelings). Ruan rocks!

  2. George Landi
    George Landi says:

    Looking to partner up with someone in the NJ area that has or is starting a marketing company. I'm in sales now and visit 30 to 40 businesses a day for credit card company and can get us clients. If you have experience or have taken Ruan's course let's talk.

  3. Luis Maestre
    Luis Maestre says:

    It's "Answer the public", not "Ask the public". Shrink your images at least under 200 kb before using in your website, for that you have TinyPNG or plugins for WordPress like Smush or TinyJpeg.

  4. stevegp7
    stevegp7 says:

    Ruan, i have an HVAC business in a small rural town near other small towns near larger cities. How do i rank higher in my surrounding areas? My physical location seems to be a problem. Thanks

  5. Hopeton Wilson
    Hopeton Wilson says:

    Hello Ruan i have a question, i have a wordpress blog, the home page has the preset list of the last 6 posts. should i pin my best viewed article on the homepage or should i leave it as is?

  6. Bakers Tree Service
    Bakers Tree Service says:

    4 days….media statergy———-3.5k views . In a 4 days!!!! I should see 5 k views in a week or so!!!!!brand building…title tag….key word….calls to action…web site speed..insite opitimization…glossary targets…eye candy content.—-pictures videos inphographics——must tag pics!!!!
    #19 maximizing artificial intelligence///hyper link??????…..keyword inside natural URL
    20 tips

    DIELAN says:

    If we are adding infographics and video instead of blurbs of text isnt that missing out on all sorts of keyword rankings and Google ranking you based on your content?

  8. William Dority
    William Dority says:

    I like the way you deliver with the no nonsense, but you guys are talking to the guys that already know and we noobs get their and be like wtf now !!! I like what you do. I just want a real step by step what you really do. This is what I mean do you use a website to make this thing move ,you know the nuts , bolts and gears that get it set in motion. everything that has to do with what you talking about . So I can get some understanding out of it. I think what you do is awesome,but I’m still at a loss

  9. Alan Coates
    Alan Coates says:

    The timing of this AWESOME post on SEO is perfect. I am working on a brand new website (Trombone News dot com) and excited about implementing these tips to start getting some traffic. So much to do!

  10. Peter Rose
    Peter Rose says:

    I want to sell quality leads to high fee paying clients instead of running an ad agency offering different services.a a Using your SEO methods is this a feasible proposition? I prefer to focus on just selling leads. For that I intend to charge premium prices!

  11. Digi Plix
    Digi Plix says:

    Hey Ruan,

    I know you've answered one of my questions before in your videos but I feel that this is a fairly important question. Although you've made videos about location pages, and have kind of covered it in this video you maybe haven't answered this question as such. So, the question is:

    You have created location pages as sub pages from your develomark website like https://develomark.com/new-york-seo. However, I see some companies building out lots of different URL's, for example instead of using the above sub URL they would build http://www.develomarknewyork.com. Is this better for companies that do have multiple addresses or would you suggest still using sub pages to target different locations?

    Any advice you could provide on this would be great.


  12. Igor Lebich
    Igor Lebich says:

    These are the basics that have already been described on hundreds of other blogs and channels. They are good for someone who's a beginner, but someone a bit more experienced won't even watch the whole video since he or she has already heard these tips a thousand times.


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