Ranking #1 on Google is Overrated


Everybody wants to rank number one on Google. But is this really the right goal to pursue? Our study of 100k keywords says not always. Subscribe …


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  1. Tom Brennan
    Tom Brennan says:

    I totally agree with everything in this video. My point of view, and one that I try and re-educate my clients on, is that using rankings as the measure of marketing success is extremely limiting. Rankings change due to factors beyond our control; algorithms, location of searcher, personalised or un-personalised browsing, even time of day impacts search results.
    I'd rather look at organic traffic as a KPI, but measure success on what that traffic did to provide revenue and/or leads for my clients.
    Ranking should be used to analyse performance of pages and websites, and to keep tabs on any algorithm updates, but seeing as we can only ever track a small fraction of all searches, it's way too blinkered to measure success on this volatile metric. Plus you can't say with any degree of certainty what traffic is delivered to your website by ranking in first position for any search term, that's why Google rolled out (not provided), and that's a good thing in my book as it means as marketers we have to focus on providing content which matches user intent, rather than trying to game the system which doesn't benefit anyone other than website owners who can boast a short lived top ranking position.
    Cheers for the content Sam, keep it up.

  2. Rijo Abraham
    Rijo Abraham says:

    Hi sam,
    Its been a while. My question for tip#2 is what if our website is not even in top 50 but we think we have covered all sub topics?

    I’m guessing age and backlinks are then the only way to get more exposure, right?

  3. Yunus Shaikh
    Yunus Shaikh says:

    Hay sam I wanted to ask you , how much I can trust on Ahref keyword planner data,

    Last week I am doing KW research for indian Kurtis,top and bottom,

    And top SERP is full of competition with, amazon,flipkart,reliance trends,myntra , shopper stop,

    I decided few keyword with competition of 2 or 3 KW difficulty

    But when I put those keyword in google KW planner data ita really shocking

    Those 2 or 3 % of keyword difficulty converted in 1k to 10 k with high competition

    So can you explain this,

  4. clara albert
    clara albert says:

    Hello, sam oh that's a great video but one question raises in my mind you wouldn't use any paid advertising before your content got ranked? because I've seen in search explorer you are targeted united states for paid advertising and 55.3% of traffic is your paid advertising.

  5. Usman Akram
    Usman Akram says:

    My answer to the Question you asked in the start would be "Search Traffic". After all Traffuc is the ultimate Goal even if you are trying to improve rankings. So why not use it as a metric to measure the your site's performance?

  6. Varun Kwatra
    Varun Kwatra says:

    But why would someone click on a link if the headline doesn't resonate with their searched keyword even if it was in the article, he doesn't know it without opening the link. So how exactly this all work?

  7. Mark Elliott MCIM
    Mark Elliott MCIM says:

    Great Video! It really lays open the facts behind the 'myth' or frankly the 'mistruth' that is shared by (unscrupulous) SEO companies e.g. "That we can get you to No1 on Google" for say £300. That omits that 'being No1' is the wrong KPI and meaningless unless:

    – Clicks result that drive –>
    –> Relevant traffic that –>
    –> Connects content to <–> searchers intent

    In a far less eloquent way than your good self I presented to a Group of London based businesses last week to help demonstrate, with a case study example of an SEM with small traffic volume. The talk overall was called

    "Is Your Business Being Held to Ransom?"

    The section relating specifically to "Being No.1 On Google =Business TRUE/FALSE" is here (LinkedIn SlideShare):



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