Google is Up to No Good (2019 SEO update)


Have you noticed the simple change Google recently made? What seems like a little aesthetic improvement actually has implications for bloggers, journalists, …


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  1. Nancy Ulrich
    Nancy Ulrich says:

    Some SEO news is ok, but only the most impactful. For budding web solopreneurs it can be an unnecessary distraction. Most of us just need to get to work creating great content for our audience. We can worry about tweaking our content to conform to the latest Google experiment when we've got 100+ pages.

  2. Andrew Dann
    Andrew Dann says:

    I've just done a search on mobile for RV sales and ads are still clearly marked. I wouldn't say that they blend in at all, if anything having ad in bold and no distracting link (it's literally black and write now) makes the ads stand out even more.

  3. Ashish Verma
    Ashish Verma says:

    It would be great to hear some advice on competing with big OTAs (the likes of in the hospitality industry by small single (boutique) property accommodation providers. The OTAs take away anywhere between 12 to 25% on commissions in today’s online environment. So for all of us who’ve invested in a website with booking engine alongside listing on the OTAs it’d potentially result in significant and critical savings.

  4. P Anon
    P Anon says:

    yes good to have the updates. One note though is that the change/opportunity you refer to about the urls being less prominent is really only for mobile search. The desktop search results still currently return green site urls that are quite prominent


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