How to Do SEO: Ecommerce for Beginners


Your Next Step Toward Mastering SEO ⚡️ Oberlo ebook: SEO Optimization Tips and Tricks for Ecommerce


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  1. Luxsear Décors
    Luxsear Décors says:

    Hi, very helpful video. Can you please help me with one of the titles?
    Title is,
    Skull Kingdom Bedding Set | Luxsear Décors

    Google Smart Shopping says that I should not include the store name in the title tag. I should just use Skull Kingdom Bedding Set or Skull Couple Bedding Set.
    Keyword is
    Skull Design or Couple on Bed
    Couple on Bed was top in search term
    Which one is right. I do SEO manually, I have over 300 products…
    Thank you, regards,

  2. Zukais [SEO CONSULTANT]
    Zukais [SEO CONSULTANT] says:

    Great video for beginners to SEO. Although if you're doing keyword research and using Google's keyword planner, you're using an extremely outdated tactic. Anyways, great video and keep up the great work. I might do an e-commerce SEO video as well 😉


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