Local SEO For a Multi Location Business


Local SEO for a multi location business requires a different strategy and setup as opposed to a single location business. In this video I explain how to setup your …


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  1. Tim Kahlert
    Tim Kahlert says:

    Great video! How do you name each location on the gmb listings? The HQ location has just the business name with no additional location info in the title and I have the impression that it ranks worse than the others that have a location info for differentiating reasons in the title.

  2. Igor Manaue
    Igor Manaue says:

    Congratulations on the video!

    I have a doubt:

    I am a service provider (plumber), and I serve in several cities, and also have no physical location. Should I create a new GMB listing for each city?

    I've seen that it has a function of adding the areas that I get on the GMB. Could I use this function to add all the cities I have, and only have 1 listing?

    What is the best option considering SEO?

    Remembering that I have a page of my site for each city, as you explain in the video.

    I will be very grateful if you can help me! Thank you.

  3. Rob Reyy
    Rob Reyy says:

    I have a question I know with citations the NAP should be very accurate I have 10 locations how do I add citations when each one has a different phone number address but the same name? can't find a video about it thanks

  4. Makayla Walsh
    Makayla Walsh says:

    Awesome info!
    Quick question. I have a client with multiple locations for their car wash. Will I need to individually make a GMB page for all 11 of these locations? Is there any way you can make 1 GMB and somehow have them linked together?
    Not sure if this is a silly question or not. Just trying to understand GMB a little better!

  5. Jeremy Ferguson
    Jeremy Ferguson says:

    Hey thanks! Now what about if my clients business does not have multiple physical locations, but they service in a wide variety of mileage around the map? An example would be a limo service. How would I get their business ranked in the google 3 pack in multiple cities?


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