Ranking For An EXACT Keyword In Google 100% GUARANTEED [2018 UPDATED]


Want to learn how to rank for an exact keyword in Google for local SEO? In today’s video, I break down exactly why some websites rank and some websites don’t …


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  1. Jahswin Onoh
    Jahswin Onoh says:

    your videos are just pure gold. I really want to get a deeper understanding of how SEO works because i'm trying to broaden my agency. Right now I only do SMM. Thank you so much

  2. Passion28
    Passion28 says:

    Ruan my man, another fab video. I have learned so much watching your videos and nuff respect for doing them. Can I ask, I live in the UK, how do I rank/list of multiple locations, as our towns are much smaller but close together? Keep up the excellent work.

  3. Charles Netzler
    Charles Netzler says:

    Hey Ruan,
    Long time no SEO! I've been caught up with uni bullshit (gotta finish it though) and I had to put my business on hold but I am back in and looking to get more clients. So this brings me to my question I am building a business listing website for a small area, It is one main website where people can find plumbers, car repairs, restaurants, etc… Think of going on a road trip you stop in a town for a few days, you google it and BAM you find this website that covers all your needs…

    Question: Can I rank a website that caters to different businesses? example website.com/CT-Roof-Cleaner-business-name and also have website.com/CT-house-painter-business-name
    Will this cause any conflicts within the eyes of Google?

  4. Craig Anthony
    Craig Anthony says:

    This was awesome – Thank you. Currently my GMB listing is just my brand name, but so is my facebook page, my instagram and my twitter etc. If i change the GMB listing to 'brand name' & ' target keywords' – wouldnt i have to then change my facebook page from facebook/brandname to facebook/'brandname&target keyword' ? as well as all of my citations re NAPW ?

  5. Carl Ashfield
    Carl Ashfield says:

    Hey bro. I have a GMB already set up with around 60 citations. But I'm still ranked about 9th in maps. Can I change and put the location in the title of my GMB or will I have to change the "business + location" in all my citations too!?

  6. What an Idea
    What an Idea says:

    I have a question. For a data highlighter example. A cricket team having 10 teams: a,b,c,….. I wanna highlight that particular team along with image . Which category does it goes on data highlighter in webmaster tools


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