SEO Silos Made Easy - The #1 SEO Technique To Rank For Difficult Keywords Fast... Silo Your Content!


SEO Silos are the #1 ‘trick’ that pro SEOs use to force their way onto page 1 of Google… Learn how easy it is to build content silos in this video. Don’t be …


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  1. Coach Sofia
    Coach Sofia says:

    Hey Miles! Do you suggest the main post "Container gardening" to be a page or a regular blog post? I read in a book that you kinda want them to be pages but I already built my website and I share posts as blog posts. Do you suggest creating a post as a page then linking to the other blog posts? And thank you SO MUCH for this video. I'm way clearer now on how to do this!

  2. Astrid Schilling Formations
    Astrid Schilling Formations says:

    thank you. I have better understood the question of silos. On which keywords (example) do your sub-pages point to the main page containing the main keyword? What happens when you have a site with several themes? example: hairstyle, make-up, health? do you make a special silo every time with the same technique? Thank you for your reply.

  3. Thomas Sommers
    Thomas Sommers says:

    Thank you!! excellent video!! The only thing I wanted to know is: "What do you do with the home page?" Do you just leave it out of the equation all together or maybe link to one piece of content from each silo. To be clear here I'm referring to a website with a static homepage. Thank you

  4. Bobby Kittleberger
    Bobby Kittleberger says:

    Great video Miles – I do have a question though. When you're interlinking sub-pages of a single topic (silo) do you link every subpage to EVERY other subpage within that topic, like in a bullet list? Or do you just link to at least a few wherever it makes sense? Thanks for the help.

  5. Goodcat007
    Goodcat007 says:

    Miles, great vid! Do you recommend having a "page" be the top of the silo, with a name identical to the actual "category", and then 301'ing that category to the top "page"?

  6. Tim Alwell
    Tim Alwell says:

    Hey Miles,

    Question for ya. You said that one phrase in your core piece of content should link out to a one sub-post. And then you have the sub-posts link to each other. But when I referenced your "Learn SEO" core content piece, you have dozens of links out to different sub-posts? Can you clear up my confusion?

    Thanks, great video!

  7. Matthew Balloch
    Matthew Balloch says:

    Nice video, chief!
    I’m new so excuse the silly question but you’re saying posts but does this work with creating pages on WordPress or is it not a good idea to have so many pages?

  8. RAW / New Age Rustic Designs
    RAW / New Age Rustic Designs says:

    Hi Miles. I just love your teaching style. You are a joy to listen to (I listen in my car) you have such great energy and motivation you are great on so many levels. I am certainly going to come back to some of your videos to go through amd implement your strategies. Keep it up you are a legend🧚‍♀️

  9. TonyDay33
    TonyDay33 says:

    Miles, you are a star educator! You clearly have lots of knowledge and experience about SEO, which is great and why I am watching your videos 🙂 But over and above that, your ability to communicate knowledge and its application in a clear and engaging way really stands out. Fabulous work; love it and am really grateful! Tony

  10. Lubys A
    Lubys A says:

    Great Video Miles! I am implementing silo structure in a new website.
    It is about Industrial Lubricants. The big Challenge is how to organize Brands, Type of Lubricants, Lubricants applications …each brand has between 100 to 200 products and share similar or equal applications. What should be the best approach?
    Do I need to Post each product or the most populars seareched in google? Would it be by brand or application? Like, I can make a Silo on each brand and the Pillar Page could be full of content (more that 3000 words) that could include content by application, by product name
    See , How to organize Taxonimies on each is kind of difficult…
    Please comment

  11. Brandi Michel
    Brandi Michel says:

    Hey Miles! This is great information. I love this idea but you say only 1 internal link pointing out to another of our own related internal post is best to help the spiders crawl through the silo. But what about relevant and helpful external links that are beneficial to the post? I know external links are typically encouraged but I didn't hear you mention those in this process. Will adding another 1-2 (if needed) external links to high DA sites hurt the SEO benefits of the silo and have the spiders crawl the external links instead of our internal link?


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