YouTube SEO 2019 - Step-By-Step Tutorial Reveals #1 Trick To Rank Your Videos FAST!


YouTube SEO is the #1 skill if you want more views and subscribers. This video reveals the secret weapon video seo tool I use and love. Timestamps below to …


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  1. A Country Life
    A Country Life says:

    I am brand new here today! I average 7000 views per video and have 12,000 subs. I'd like to grow faster and with comments disabled engagement has been a little tough except for the diehards who hop over to the community tab and chat with me. I'm watching this video to add a little secret sauce to my method. Thanks.

  2. Tim Conley
    Tim Conley says:

    Another great video, Miles. Now that you've got me doing my own channel, I've noticed a huge dip in views, watch time, etc on Saturday and Sunday. I post M, W, and Friday and I don't post videos on the weekend so I'm assuming that has something to do with it. However, I don't post on Tuesday and Thursday and don't see a dip in stats. Sometimes my channel stats go up on those days.

    Is it worth the extra labor to create a video for the weekend?

    Or is there a way to keep viewers showing up even when I'm not posting on the weekend?

  3. Gut Feelings
    Gut Feelings says:

    Awesome Video, Miles! I have TubeBuddy already with a paid account (Pro Licence)… but just paying $50/month for A/B testing… is it worth? That's the question, I am pondering over now…

  4. Lew Dennen
    Lew Dennen says:

    GREAT video Miles! Yes, please make more of these videos where we can follow along…I learn a TON from these kinds of videos…I can then replicate them on my computer and actually see what's happening, rather than just being taught some info…good stuff Sir!

  5. Dayo Samuel
    Dayo Samuel says:

    Hey Mike, first question. What tool were you using to take that screenshot? And to draw on it like that? You seem to very vast with it's use. Your drawing here looks better than the one you used on paper 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that was how I found you less than a week ago. Maybe even 5 days or so.

  6. Healthy Software Developer
    Healthy Software Developer says:

    Hey Miles! I thought most advice I’ve heard is to never edit a video once it’s live as you slow down its growth by resetting the stats.

    Did TubeBuddy make some deal or is using some new API so this doesn’t happen when the thumbnail is changed?

    Thanks as always for sharing your strategies with us.


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