#1 Local SEO Strategy - "The Triple Threat!" 1st Page Rankings For Business Owners & Local Agencies


2019’s Best Local SEO Strategy! Learn exactly how to outrank your competition and take over the #1 spot on Google FAST! This video shows how to do local seo …


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  1. The Twin Home Experts
    The Twin Home Experts says:

    FOLLOWING MILES CONTENT STRATEGY! THIS IS OUR REVIEW: The triple threat is found a niche in your industry that NOBODY is thinking about. Example: We are a leak detection, water damage company, we created content around RAIN LEAK detection Los Angeles and we are killing it. ALL our videos pop up in the Google carousel, last month we generated 62,000.00. Our youtube channel is starting to build SEO juice because of miles great insight.

  2. JO:: KER
    JO:: KER says:

    Firstly, Thank you for such good video. Well Explained.
    I have a doubt! Is it possible to rank in multiple locations with single address? Basically I am in construction service industry.
    Also, it would be great if you could do video on SEO for Building Contractors and Local SEO for multiple locations.

  3. Christopher T Gage
    Christopher T Gage says:

    I am just an SEO Junkie, trying to become an SEO for either my own company eventually or for another company.
    Great video as always.
    Question. If you are in another country do you do the keyword research as everywhere or for that country when in KWFinder?

  4. Picasso
    Picasso says:

    I thought you were going to say this is your client and the seo strategy to put this people on top was created by you. But you are describing someone else's work. Wtf? You need to ask this people for an internship dude.

  5. NbaLive4ever
    NbaLive4ever says:

    This got me inspired to want to work with my local businesses! Would love to help out locally AND make money at once. Time to do the studying on HOW to do it. I will be watching your videos. Do you have good playlists besides the Keyword Research one you have? Thank you Miles!

  6. White Cat
    White Cat says:

    Yes. Been hooked on your content for a while now. You make it easy to gather and make sense of all the pieces involved in my fledgling local lead generation business.

  7. Paul Racko
    Paul Racko says:

    Miles, as usual, another great video. I've been using this exact strategy for my local clients and they're killing it. To top it off, I've automated their reviews process which makes scaling up their reviews on Google, FB, Yelp, etc super simple. What amazes me is how few local businesses are actually implementing this "triple threat" — they're leaving a TON of money on the table!!! Thanks again.

  8. randall gibson
    randall gibson says:

    No, I'm really into search engine optimization however, I'm trying to start a local agency to hopeful start get out of my current job. I'm AdWords certified now trying to learn as much as I can to get started

  9. Purzuh
    Purzuh says:

    If you're running an agency do you do this FOR the business? (create business account etc.) or do you show them how? Just started getting involved with this and wondering if you could point me in the right direction

  10. Hendrik Jürgens
    Hendrik Jürgens says:

    Yes, running my own local business. I am really interested in how to get more reviews from my partially difficult customers and also in getting backlinks. Is there a tool to scan the web for backlinks of my competition?

  11. Bruce Baker
    Bruce Baker says:

    @Miles Beckler Yes. I am starting a local agency. One key service will be GMB and review management. I've seen an automation tool, but had figured I'd build my own. So I'd be interested in getting more info on your reputation management software.

  12. Hector Labra
    Hector Labra says:

    Thanks, Miles! is what I was expecting, more SEO content and especially Local SEO for local business owners.

    It has been great the turn that your channel has been taking definitely towards SEO and content marketing

    I appreciate it a lot!


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