8 SEO Tips for Beginners


Learn how to optimize your website for the search engines. I give you the best of my knowlegde and show you how rank higher in Google! I wil talk about …


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  1. Philip Browne
    Philip Browne says:

    Just watched this website SEO tutorial and I am so grateful for all the tips, tricks, information and valuable ideas that will help us to climb high in Google rankings. Many thanks for all your generous time and help.

  2. Colleen McGowan
    Colleen McGowan says:

    Hi Ferdy,
    As a complete novice setting up a small local off-line business in a small town in South Australia, I just want to thank you so much for all your helpful videos. Your videos have helped me build my own website, learn about SEO & so much more. I am still watching & learning from them & still putting into practice all your useful tips. Thank you so much! Your videos provide the clearest instructions. Your presentation is excellent & the framing & the pace of the videos makes it so easy to follow along. 😀

  3. Stelian Stana
    Stelian Stana says:

    Hey Fredy. Thanks for all your valuable info. I build my site following your elementor tutorial and now I am looking to your video about SEO info for beginners. I am your subscriber and thanks a lot for all your share with us.

  4. Train Yourself Fit
    Train Yourself Fit says:

    Really good tutorial.  Very helpful for me.  Just one question.  I came across Yoast a few weeks ago so installed the plug in on my website.  When I have it switched on though it really makes the typing slow, and causes a lot of glitches.  Have you got any idea why this might be?  I have googled this but haven't found any satisfactory help/answers to this so just wondered if you have ever experienced similar?

  5. ARPATech PR
    ARPATech PR says:

    Great video, you have amazingly described on how to optimize your website. It’s very helpful for newcomers, they can learn how to rank higher, and how to optimize their blog posts. Great job!

  6. Sourav Basak
    Sourav Basak says:

    In today’s world, it is highly recommended that you optimize your page for mobile as it will ensure you have a wider reach and also your site draws the maximum traffic. Everyone who owns a page wishes they get the maximum organic traffic and that their web page appears at a good rank in the google results.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.

    Sourav Basak [Blogger]
    Namaste UI

  7. Fazla Alahi
    Fazla Alahi says:

    Simple thanks might be less appreciation rather your work I have been watching your tutorials since a year. I was very numb on enfold theme but now It way to live.
    When I bought this theme and opened up dashboard it was really horrible for myself then having good luck to get your tutorials here.

  8. gianmarco giuliari
    gianmarco giuliari says:

    Hello Ferdy… great video! I have 2 questions… (1) in the minute 8:30 aprox. when you explain SEO about the content of the blog post, your screen has on the left the text and on the right a preview… is that a wordpress plugin? an my second question (2) Have you try using ELEMENTOR page builder with the enfold theme. Thanks!

  9. lucas H
    lucas H says:

    Hi Freddy,

    Misschien kan jij mij vertellen of heb je hier al een tutorial van wat ik hier fout doe want ik gebruik Woocommerce en Yoast en probeer dus alle juist keywords, slugs etc.. en alle "stoplichten" op groen te krijgen maar van de +- 12 punten lukt het maar met 4 en dan 4 oranje en helaas de rest in rood.

    Het vreemde is dat ik bij sommige punten weer niet teveel mag invullen en bij de ander weer juist wel min. 300 woorden moet gebruiken.

    Of zou ik in dit geval beter af zijn met Yoast premium?




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