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  1. Sortlist
    Sortlist says:

    Video impresionante! Muchas gracias! 😀 También hicimos un video sobre el Growth Marketing! ¿Podrías darme tu opinión? Gracias! 😀


  2. reeddhy
    reeddhy says:

    I want to start freelancing with keyword research and competitor analysis. But the information on these are not free of cost specially on competitor analysis. How can I start ?

  3. francesca gattolin
    francesca gattolin says:

    Hey Neil thank you for all you do. I work in web creativity but I really wanna get more into SEO and other digital marketing. I have listening to you but also I was wondering, what you think to become enough of an expert in SEO and possibly start finding my own small clients to practice… should I take an online course eg.udemy or google academy is enough? Moz? You tube…. what you think it will be good step to gain some solid knowledge…
    thank you Neil

  4. Greenchoice Flowers
    Greenchoice Flowers says:

    Hi Neil,
    I have done infographics in pages like infogram or canva, but whenever I get the embed code it links back to the original page where the infographic was made and not my own website. I guess this isn't the idea if I'm trying to generate traffic. What should I do to get those links and traffic to my site and not the infographic's origin site (like infogram)?

  5. Shah Zeb Raza
    Shah Zeb Raza says:

    Hello neil!
    One of my old site is under google penalty. Copyright content. But my content was nit copied. But still after sending email to google via there copyright strike method they haven’t replied for 1 year all most. So I decided to delete that content. I deleted all those article which look like copied. Tell me still i am suffering copyright content strike. How to clear this issue. I am losing my all hope. That site provide me few money each month but now i am not able to put google ads on it. Can you help me in this case. Waiting for your reply.
    Shah Zeb Raza

  6. Monto Roy
    Monto Roy says:

    Thanks Neil, that is an informative video.

    I would also like to add to this regarding infographic colors – Whenever choosing color schemes for your infographic, it is recommended to go for ADA Compliant Color Palette. It makes your post future ready.

  7. Farrukh Irfan
    Farrukh Irfan says:

    Hi Mr.Neil, I have a question. For SEO, in blog's meta description, what to do? we use full long tail k.w or just seed k.w and long tail in each post as required? Suggest plz.

  8. Lenore Berry-Zaragosa
    Lenore Berry-Zaragosa says:

    Thank you Neil for the video. I have WordPress and looked for the embed generator tool that you recommended in the video. It wasn't there. Is there another version of this embed tool? If so, which one do you recommend?

  9. Fareen khalid
    Fareen khalid says:

    hi neil patel can u tell me can i get multiple back link from one site for example i have 30 posts on my site and can i get 30 links from the one site is it right or not in seo ?

  10. Kendra Wilson
    Kendra Wilson says:

    I've said it once before you are my mentor so when I came up with this question I thought of you first so today I'm considering an international traffic boost and would like to know more about a company called Turbo website traffic? I'm aware of you discussing ways to boost traffic for free without payments through forums ect…. but I'm curious to know if sometimes it's worth investing the money. I look forward to hearing from you bye guys hugs.

  11. Alok Tripathy
    Alok Tripathy says:

    hey Neil. you are doing a great job.

    I have an issue. I am from Odisha, India and I am 22, still in college and I live with my parents who don't know anything about blogging and SEO. The point is I can't spend the money on paid services like ashrefs or other services you mentioned in the video. and many of your videos are cool but I can't implement them directly as I got no cash.

    so how should I approach it?? I should find some part time jobs so that I can pay for these?? or I should keep using the free stuff as I am doing now??

    and I think most of the people here too can't afford them, you might want to run a test.



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