How to Get Found on Etsy: SEO, Tags and Titles


You’ve launched your Etsy shop. Congrats! Now comes the fun part: making sure buyers can find it. To help you get found on Etsy, we’ll take you through best …


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  1. Yaasi Kasa
    Yaasi Kasa says:

    Etsy is not only for knick knacks and yet they only promote such kind of products. We need Etsy to be less biased and broaden the range of featured products across ALL platforms for larger more valuable products. Bring it on Etsy!

  2. Skii Riettie
    Skii Riettie says:

    I tryed 2 years never worked out reaching people to buy my stuff. They like and love it even favorited on Etsy but no buyers and I made my products great and it comes from the heart and I wonder me born with microcephaly or born dissabled have to do with anything. I even posted my own mini sneak peek slide show video of my handmade jewelry on YouTube last night to show and hope I get noticed. But still nothing. 😢😢


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