How to Use All in One SEO Pack Plugin


A video tutorial on how to use the All in One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress. This plugin will enable you to add meta descriptions and titles to every page and …


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  1. hannahtuition
    hannahtuition says:

    Hi, I have edited my Home title and Home description and updated the options. However, when i search in google, it is still showing my old title and description. May i know how do i solve this? Thanks!

  2. DS
    DS says:

    I love write seo code as i learned from your blog better than doing other things respect Rankya <3
    bcz i've bought all seo plugins and they all have limits and problems:
    1) keywords are really important nowadays (focus keywords).
    2) Aio seo pack doesn't show meta keywords on custom pages and custom categories.
    3) Seo by Yoast premium really sucks; problem on meta robots even you buy the plugin.. problems with local seo, and problems with custom types. microdata problems it can mark your home page as blog and your blog as webpage.
    4) Premium Ultimate Seo is good but it doesn't work as well with some themes. and it have same problems of keywords on custom pages and categories
    5) SmartCrawl Seo premium of wpmudev is fast and easy to use but have the same problems.
    6) Squirrly Seo (premium) and SeoPressor (premium) have all the problems too.

  3. Taylor Taljaard
    Taylor Taljaard says:

    Hi Deacon, thanks for the video – very informative.
    I would like to ask a quick question if you have time, I have installed the All in One SEO Pack and am wanting to do the SEO on my categories. When I click into a category, there is no SEO pack there. Do you know how I could activate this?

  4. Niki Spasov
    Niki Spasov says:

    Hey Deacon,
    I would like ask you couple questions:
    1)Which one Seo plugin you like more All in One or Yoast ?
    2)Do you believe sitemap from All in one Plugin is good enough or better install other plugin for sitemap and which one ?
    3)All on one have option to protect from duplicate content and which option is that?

    Thank you.

  5. Deacon Hayes
    Deacon Hayes says:

    They won't appear in the editor, but they should appear in the page source of that page. You can verify by right clicking on the page you want to check and click view page source. Then do Ctrl F and search for "keywords". By the way, keywords are no longer affect rankings so they are not really important these days from an SEO standpoint.

  6. samy sosa
    samy sosa says:

    When I add the keywords and seperate them with commas, they don't appear to be in meta tags in my editor. Is it how it's suppose to be or did I make a mistake?


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