Local SEO Checklist 2019 - How to Get Found on Google


Learn what it takes for a local business to get found on Google in 2019. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way you land your business on page 1 when …


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  1. Allan Watkins
    Allan Watkins says:

    thanks very much Eagen I learned a lot from your teachings, I wil be going through the video a few more times then implementing what I have learned.your Awesome, wish you every success in your business

  2. Heavy Metal Hair Salon
    Heavy Metal Hair Salon says:

    This guys instruction got my business at the top #1. my business gets 1 or 2 new guest a day. His vidio is the only one that gives you step buy step to make your page do what you want. If you dont want to waste more time then stick to this video its the one you need great job Eigon. I still have a ton to learn.

  3. TAG Global Systems
    TAG Global Systems says:

    Eagan, your presentation was exactly what I needed to improve the technical details of search engine-friendly web development to make sure my company's great content gets shared and talked about.


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