Which is Better for SEO Wordpress, Squarespace or Showit? | SEO Tips For Photographers


Read the full post here: https://turnerwebservices.com/blog/squareapace-vs-wordpress-vs-showit-which-is-better-for-seo/ I want to address a common question I …


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  1. Sye Christian
    Sye Christian says:

    Great video Ben. I made my website on Wix – http://www.spacepanda.design. I am pretty happy with the look and feel, I stripped a template and built it up myself. keep hearing that WordPress would have been better for SEO, but I also see that Wix seem to be making a big effort to address SEO issues. They have an SEO wizard to make sure your alt text is in place and they have guides for further SEO tips and you can add metatags. Despite all this, do drag and drop sites like these still not compete well against WordPress?

  2. Edith Duarte
    Edith Duarte says:

    I don't think the issue is so much a limitation on "siloing" rather having a designer that can do it. People that would pay for advanced architecture are not start -ups and have a HUGE budget and would need a truly custom solution ($10,000+ website).. Squarespace is not geared for that type of client but it doesn't HAVE to be so to say Squarespace is limited is not a fair comparison. It really just depends on client budget and needs.


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