My Simple Blog SEO Process That Gets #1 Rankings [Works In 30 Minutes]


Learn more about this: Have you ever posted a blog on your website and it just didn’t rank? You probably didn’t …


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  1. Colin Marshall
    Colin Marshall says:

    By far and away the best video on this subject I have ever encountered – Note to previous commenters, this post is currently sitting at position 4 in SERPS – massive thanks

  2. Roger Marquez
    Roger Marquez says:

    Short, concise, to the point and still highly powerful and valuable adivce.It makes a huge amount of dif (at least for me) to actually see someone doing something instead of reading it in some sort of guide. This is why for me personally YouTube > Google when it comes to learning. Thanks a lot for taking the time to put this work out there for us for free, keep them coming!

  3. Ali Senejani
    Ali Senejani says:

    Hi. Great video. May I check if we want to use this blog as a supporting page to a main page/money page (the page we want it to rank), what changes would you make to the post? Will you only link it to the relevant topic?

  4. Paul Argueta
    Paul Argueta says:

    Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  5. Kevin Barreto
    Kevin Barreto says:

    does every image and subheading have to have a keyword that we want to target? or can we have any keyword but obviously a keyword that is low competition even though it is not related to our niche? Example. A dentist. Article is about the importance of hygiene of teeth. We find an image of a tootbrush we want to insert in the article. Do we write the alt text as a keyword we want to target as "dentist" or find a low competition keyword like "tootbrush"? Just curious about that. Not sure if i make any sense lol

  6. AH360
    AH360 says:

    So, I saw a guy that said its not a good idea to write content within WordPress because it can get glitchy and crash to often. Is this really a concern?

  7. David Elstob
    David Elstob says:

    Nice tutorial, Ruan. Only thing I would add is to convert PNG images to JPG as they are roughly five times smaller. PNGs can quickly make your page size grow. PNGs are best used only for logos with a clear background. Thanks.


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