How To Do SEO for Window Cleaners - Top Google Rankings


This video is about how to search engine optimization for window cleaning websites. We are going to show you the right way. Hardly anybody else is doing this.


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  1. Prestige Crew
    Prestige Crew says:

    Hey Joe. This video is so informative for me. I have just fired my seo company because of this video. Ive been so used to paying a company each month assuming they're helping me but I don't see no action. I have a couple of questions: 1-Do you think with all the changes that this video and its information is still relevant in 2019? also, when it comes to building my website and doing seo, do I need to make a page for each service. For example do I need a page for window cleaning toronto, then window cleaning for each other surrounding small city? Can you do a video for eavestrough cleaning as well


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