Neil Patel's "Worst SEO Advice": Let's Talk Facts


We want to address the recent SEO claims made by one of YouTube’s top dogs in the industry. Neil Patel made a video called “The Worst SEO Advice Ever!


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  1. Gabe Thoms
    Gabe Thoms says:

    I can see where that guy is coming from in some instances. The current generation is one of fast info and answers right now. Alot of them don't want to read some long article about how muppets work etc. I think that is why sites like youtube, instagram, etc are so popular as they tend to squish the info down into smaller bites that they can quickly go through. Of course they are just a percentage of the population, but it is a pretty big part. Time will tell how this manifests itself one way or the other.

  2. Sylvester Alvares
    Sylvester Alvares says:

    I am a digital marketer and a freelance content writer …I can't agree enough….Content is king and will always be … Promotion is secondary …. Organically it is difficult to get traffic if the content is not all important

  3. Sophie Bradley
    Sophie Bradley says:

    I agree with what you are saying. Like your very cool, calm and collected response. Content is key to building as a small business, you need to build trust with your audience, you have to warm them up. You can't go in cold with ads. Love Neil Patel and as with everything in life you have to take elements of it and use them and then review and see what is working for you and your business. Have a fab day.

  4. Alisa Pauline
    Alisa Pauline says:

    Is there a way to contact you directly? I checked the Income School website, but didn't see an email address. I have a business proposition which may be of interest to you.

  5. Flight Sim Hero
    Flight Sim Hero says:

    Ive used Income Schools strategy before it was Income Schools strategy.. I will continue publishing content and ranking nicely. Thanks guys for the input and respectful response.


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