Webinar Replay: How To Get Higher Joomla Search Rankings


A range of tips and tricks on how to optimize a Joomla website to help get better search engine rankings. SiteGround Hosting offer: …


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  1. Site Skills
    Site Skills says:

    This works in a similar way to the htaccess.txt file in a Joomla distribution. You can either copy the contents to your robots.txt file or just rename it. The file you really want to pay attention to is the robots.txt file. If you do want to allow indexing of the images folder, just remove the disallow as you have done.

  2. Site Skills
    Site Skills says:

    Warp is a nice Framework, but it really depends on your needs and your preferences. You should play around with as many of them as possible, especially since the majority of them are available for free.


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