7 Local SEO Content Tips to Boost Google Rankings (2019)


Boost your Google rankings with these 7 easy to implement Local SEO content tips. Most of these tips are straight forward and you don’t need any search engine …


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  1. Mishit Vora
    Mishit Vora says:

    I am service provider company and i have around 8-10 services. So can i make pages for all services with city name.

    1 pluming service in london
    Pluming service in manchester

    2. Carpentary service in london
    Carpentary service in manchester

    And same goes for other servicrs.

    So will that boost my all the servicd realted keywords?

  2. Karish Sarjoodei
    Karish Sarjoodei says:

    Hey I'm a new subscriber and i love your content! I find it very easy to understand! Keep up the good work, your channel will definitely grow soon.
    Quick question : after we claim a business on google, but if we don't have a website but want one from Google, do we create it or is it automatically created? And are we able to see the code of the site?
    It would be great if you could make a short video showing us what happens when you choose the option to create a website through google.

  3. Sam Samo
    Sam Samo says:

    How to avoid keyword cannibalization for companies that have multiple branches (in different cities)? A Pillar page is planned for each branch/city, but they all have the same keywords and search intent?


    Mobile Phone Repair Hamburg

    Mobile Phone Repair Munich

    Mobile Phone Repair Berlin

    Or I do not need to worry, Google does it already?

    Thanks alot

  4. economy4mankind
    economy4mankind says:

    Is the schema markup only applicable just for the address of the website owner? Is it limited to my own verified Google My Business locations? Or can I also use it on subpages for the addresses of own branches (without own websites), or for directories of locations that don't belong to me, like restaurants, clubs, etc.? Example: A business and website is located in Cologne, and it has subpages for clubs in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg, and each of these pages should rank with a keyphase like "clubs berlin", "clubs munich", etc.

  5. shubham bhardwaj
    shubham bhardwaj says:

    just wow, you are best, you do not fluffy things, point to point description, amazing explanation and video. someone recommended you to me that you make amazing tutorial videos. so he was right. you are amazing

  6. Sam Samo
    Sam Samo says:

    Hi, What is the best way to embed a YouTube Video on a landing page, do I need Json-Data, or just the easy way with iframe, what is the best way for SEO purpose? Thanks.


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