How to Use Ahrefs for SEO and Competitor Research


Learn how to use Ahrefs for SEO and to get more traffic to your website. Try Ahrefs SEO tools ▻ Ahrefs provides premium SEO tools for …


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  1. Milad Ha
    Milad Ha says:

    Is there any deep look into how to start rank our website by using Ahrefs? I need more details and if there is any case study along with the video, that would be helpful.

  2. Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown says:

    As someone who is doing research on various SEO tools, this video did a fantastic job showing the various features of Ahrefs as well as the layout for the program. Thank you for posting!

  3. Cue View
    Cue View says:

    I hate seo community because just complement each other content without any reasonable critic. Like a infomercial or something.

    You will be the authority in the SEO industry.

    *You deserve more larger audience, and we deserve better content like this.

  4. Paul Oaten
    Paul Oaten says:

    I’d probably want to use Site Audit. I have an upcoming project which needs me to find reasons behind underperformance in a client site. I’m not currently an Hrefs account holder.

  5. Saman Dayani
    Saman Dayani says:

    I love Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool but i am forced to use a different tool at the same time to find historical monthly search volume as opposed to the average monthly volume that ahrefs provide.

  6. Lalit Soni
    Lalit Soni says:

    i mostly use your "backlinks" and "keywords explorer" and the reason that i love ahrefs is, "filters" 😀.. yeah, because of filters, time gets saved for researching and exploring..

  7. Marty McLeod
    Marty McLeod says:

    Right on, SAM. And I swear I did this last night. 🙂 Recently I've been learning from another aff. marketer how they use the competing domain data and data from their top pages – and hence top keywords – to see which we should aim for.

    Found some myself last night from a competitor, too. I hadn't considered this keyword before, good stuff!


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