Move WordPress Site To New Domain Without Losing SEO Rankings


Need to move WordPress to a new domain? Make sure you follow the proper process so that you don’t lose your SEO rankings in the process! See, the actual …


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  1. Darshak Vaghela
    Darshak Vaghela says:

    Hi Robert, thank you for the video. I have a query regarding the old posts from the old domain. is it sufficient to redirect 301 for the main domain? OR do we need to configure 301 for each OLD DOMAIN POST URL to NEW DOMAIN POST URL?

  2. Gus Brownsdale
    Gus Brownsdale says:

    After you enter the updated code to your .htaccess file can it take a while for the redirects to work? I've completed this step and it has been over 5 minutes but the site is still not redirecting at all. I've tested it on multiple devices and it doesn't work on any.

  3. Michelle Thompson
    Michelle Thompson says:

    Hi Robert! Thanks for the nice video. If I move one site to another will the google analytics, site map remain same? and will I check the traffic overview using the same email? Thank you in advance!


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