Ask Yoast: Comment systems and SEO


To allow your site’s visitors to engage with your content you need a good comment system. There are many systems out there besides the WordPress standard …


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  1. bestonlineresults
    bestonlineresults says:

    I don't recommend Disqus because the comments held in the system aren't SEO friendly. Also, I don't recommend adding any additional plugin to your WP site, which you don't need because it can slow down your site even more, or worse yet, can cause a conflict with another plugin on the site.

  2. Marty McLeod
    Marty McLeod says:

    Good post. Also you should be aware that Disqus is banning content creators who's content they don't like from using their commenting system. One very large & popular site recently had this happen. I used to like Disqus and comment fairly often, but this politically correct type of control over a service is unnerving. Just a head's up if you're considering using it.


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